NAQT's partnership with the Indiana Association of School Principals

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NAQT's partnership with the Indiana Association of School Principals

Post by Important Bird Area » wrote:NAQT is pleased to announce that the Indiana Association of School Principals will be adding quiz bowl to the set of academic competitions in which it conducts state championships, beginning in 2019–2020.

The IASP will run area tournaments throughout the state on January 25, 2020 using an NAQT Introductory Invitational Series question set. The area tournaments are qualifiers for the state championship, which will occur on a date and in a location to be announced, using an Invitational Series set. The tournaments will use NAQT rules, except that the matches will be untimed and the protest procedure will be adjusted to more closely match the IASP’s other activities.

High school tournaments (including leagues and other events) run by high schools in Indiana during 2019–2020 will receive free questions (regardless of whether the school’s principal is an IASP member).
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Re: NAQT's partnership with the Indiana Association of School Principals

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Here's the brief history of NAQT in Indiana, especially as it compares to Questions Unlimited...

2001 - Butler runs the first NAQT tourney, a "state qualifier" for HSNCT. [They wanted to bill it as a state championship, but the QU State already existed.] It runs one year only.
2004 - Notre Dame runs a state qualifier similar to Butler's. It also runs one year only.
2005 - Phil Blessman starts the program at Culver Academies and immediately begins running NAQT tourneys.
2009 - The St. Joseph Valley Conference abandons QU as vendor and also has NAQT write its league packets and the state championship packets in QU format. The host school for state, Harrison, asks for the championship to return to QU vendorship.
2011 - Blessman creates a second state championship at Ancilla College sponsored by the Rotary Club to feed into HSNCT; the (Traditional) state championship continues to feed into NAC. During the lifetime of this rival championship, attendance declines at both tournaments. [By the third year of Rotary State, most schools attend only one of the two, and two schools boycott QU State outright.]
2019 - Because of personnel shifts, Rotary and Ancilla no longer host the newer state championship, and Purdue takes over the hosting duties.

And here's the new element...
2020 - IASP takes over sponsorship of the NAQT State Championship, mirroring the competition to their other events in which there are area qualifiers leading in to a state championship.

So we knew that Indiana had hit a plateau. I met Jill Slinker, the woman at IASP who proposed making this happen. I'm grateful that IASP and NAQT are going to take this on, as quiz bowl in Indiana needs to expand.

It remains to be seen what will happen to QU in the state. With IASP adding weight to the pyramidal side, it should encourage new teams to attend those types of tournaments. However, the largest league, based in Indianapolis, plans to continue to use QU and to sponsor (Traditional) State.
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