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NAQT Proofreading

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I was reading at a tournament using NAQT's MS-13 earlier today, and I noticed several (at least five, perhaps as much as 10+, either way it was incredibly noticeable to me and a teammate of mine who was also reading) typos, grammatical errors, and instances where entire words such as "that, of, this, the, etc." were missing. It was annoying and frustrating to read through those and fix those mistakes while reading the questions to the teams, and I know of at least one room where the moderator said exactly what was on the packet rather than fixing those mistakes. Mistakes like this are certainly capable of confusing players who are attempting to answer the question, and I can see this occasionally affecting the outcome of a game, although almost as importantly it is almost certainly frustrating and confusing for players or moderators when they hear or read something like "This paining" (and yes, I believe that was one of the typos today".

Considering that the NAQT page where they advertise for new writers says, "Please proofread your questions to make sure that both tossups and bonuses are factually accurate and grammatically correct", I think (or at least hope) that NAQT at least understands the importance of correct spelling and grammar in its published materials, although it does seem to be a little hypocritical. Still, what is NAQT's policy on proofreading? It certainly doesn't seem like this set was looked through, and if it was, I'd hate to imagine what the previous copy looked like. Does anyone else believe that this is important? Although the questions were good, the amount of errors certainly made everything seem less professional (I guess that would be a good term for it).

Edit: Caught a typo (actually-this is why you proofread).
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Re: NAQT Proofreading

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Mucho Macho Man wrote:"This paining"
I believe I just caught and fixed this one.

Obviously we do proofread to the best of our ability; our apologies that MS #13 fell short of our usual standards.

We welcome corrections and comments (email to [email protected]).
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Re: NAQT Proofreading

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bird bird bird bird bird wrote:our apologies that MS #13 fell short of our usual standards.
If you keep this up people will start switching to Los Zetas.
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Re: NAQT Proofreading

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Ukonvasara wrote:
bird bird bird bird bird wrote:our apologies that MS #13 fell short of our usual standards.
If you keep this up people will start switching to Los Zetas.
ANSWER: _Cocaine_
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