Fun in Quizbowl

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Fun in Quizbowl

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Recently, I've been noticing a trend that, more than anything, saddens me. More and more, it seems like people aren't playing quizbowl, but rather doing quizbowl. In other words, it seems that people aren't deriving the fun in quiz bowl that is the reason I still play.

A bit of a preface: Despite being a good, although not exceptional player, most people who play our team remember me. Not usually for my play, but for my so-called "antics". While I've toned it down a bit since Middle School, I still don't see the problem with celebration. We're giving up our days for this game; I think we should be able to have some fun during the tourneys. By this, I mean celebrating, not "in-your-face" type, but when you clinch a tight game, or get an early power, you can show some emotion. Granted, my antics, historically, have been over the top, and I apologize to each and every opponent that has taken offense to them. But I won't stop fist bumping when my teammate has a great buzz, or mildly celebrating my own successes, and I truly hope my opponents do the same. Let's do quizbowl for the love of the game, not just doing it for a requirement. Let's go back to playing quizbowl
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Re: Fun in Quizbowl

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I'm not sure what context you mean people not having fun in quiz bowl but I take it that you're referring to very intense/focused/competitive teams? By any means, it's perfectly possible to be on a team that's competitive in quiz bowl that loves doing it too without expressing "emotion" as explicitly as you say it. Personally I derive a lot of enjoyment from the very competitive aspect of quiz bowl and staying focused during the game rather than "expressing emotion"; "antics" aren't necessary or right for everyone. Your perception of "fun" might be different than other teams, and just because you don't see it doesn't mean that it's not there.
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