Jeopardy Tournaments in the TriState Area(NJ,NY,PA)

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Jeopardy Tournaments in the TriState Area(NJ,NY,PA)

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Hi, we're Pingry, a rather small team in Northern Jersey, and we've found that it is easier to bring in new kids at Jeopardy-Style Tournaments. However, other than talking with coaches at tournaments we go to it has been rather hard to find Jeopardy-Style Tournaments, especially towards the end of the year. If anybody is hosting a Jeopardy-Style tournament in the TriState Area please let us know. Thank You.
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Re: Jeopardy Tournaments in the TriState Area(NJ,NY,PA)

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Hey Pingry,

I'm Ben from Harrison. We faced each other at NAC nationals last year. Nobody really plays "Jeopardy" style tournaments outside of NAC (see why: Look for something more pyramidal. These tournaments are run on packets such as NAQT, GSAC, BHSAT, HFT, etc. You can find sample packets at There are a lot of incredible teams and tournaments in your area... check your specific forum here.

To bring in new kids.. show them how to get better. Studying helps with that. I like a combination of Wikipedia and

EDIT: I saw you went to Columbia this weekend and have attended some other pyramidal tournaments this year. Awesome!!
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Re: Jeopardy Tournaments in the TriState Area(NJ,NY,PA)

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There is a Jeopardy style tournament run by the Essex County Steering Committee for elementary middle schoolers (I know that the middle/high school is in Basking Ridge, but the elementary school is in MSH). You could maybe use it to help identify some talented kids, theoretically? I don't know when they like draw up the tournament but I think it starts in like late March so if you were to ask them now you might have a shot. I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I hope this helps.
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Re: Jeopardy Tournaments in the TriState Area(NJ,NY,PA)

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I know of a tournament called "NorJac" that's Jeopardy-style and certainly in your area. I agree with Ben, though, that it would be better to go for easier pyramidal tournaments, such as the one on the 15th of April at Rutgers.
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