Starting a Science Bowl team

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Starting a Science Bowl team

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My school has recently started a Science Bowl team and we meet once a week. We have a lot of interest and we need to divide each other in A, B, and C teams. We need questions to use, and we can’t use Science Bowl sample questions as some people in our team have already seen them which gives them an unfair advantage. Is there any other way to get questions like buying them or any other way where students can’t access them?
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Re: Starting a Science Bowl team

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There are very few ways to get Science Bowl questions other than the freely-available sample questions or writing them yourselves.

However, there are a lot of sample questions. I played Science Bowl in high school, and we had a stack of over 500 pages worth of sample questions. We would practice by, basically, opening to a random spot, and it was pretty rare that we landed on questions that I remembered, even after three years of weekly practices.
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Re: Starting a Science Bowl team

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We took the high school and middle school questions from National Science Bowl regional competitions sample questions source.
There are currently two teams, but we are planning to have more till the end of the year. The application deadline is December 28.

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