QBHistory: A List of Televised Quizbowl Matches

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QBHistory: A List of Televised Quizbowl Matches

Post by oaklandfan2kx » Sat Aug 18, 2012 2:59 am

Well for this feature it will focus on the History of Quizbowl's Past, as it really did so let's start it off with the 1992-1994 matches of the Texaco Star National Academic Championship (The Syndicated Years)

Stations Aired: WTVS (PBS 56 - Detroit, MI), WLRN (PBS 17- Miami, FL - 3PM from July 13-July 29)

Booker T. Washington* (Tulsa, OK) vs. Dorman (Roebuck, SC)
Clinton* (Clinton, SC) vs. Plano East (Plano, TX)

Booker T. Washington* (Tulsa, OK) 380 vs. Clinton (Clinton, SC) 350

Stations Aired: WBTW (Myrtle Beach, SC - Saturdays), KTSF (San Francisco, CA - Tuesday & Wednesdays 2:30 PM), KCET (Los Angeles, CA), ITV (San Diego, CA)

Torrey Pines* (San Diego, CA) vs. Maggie Walker (Richmond, VA)
Temple* (Temple, TX) vs. Plano East (Plano, TX)

Torrey Pines* (San Diego, CA) 370 vs. Torrey Pines (San Diego, CA) 245

1994 (Full List of Teams: http://www.qbwiki.com/wiki/1994_NAC)

East Brunswick (East Brunswick, NJ) 460 vs. Manheim Township (Lancaster, PA) 345

*Winner in Asterisks

Now if there's any additions to the List, Please Reply Here.

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Re: QBHistory: A List of Televised Quizbowl Matches

Post by etchdulac » Mon Oct 15, 2012 3:42 pm

Since these were recorded at KPRC in Houston, they aired a great deal of matches over the years. The first I can remember seeing was Collegiate beating White Plains 510-370 in the 1990 final.

I had the 1991 final on tape for a long time. Jim Paluszak's Dorman team edged Collegiate on the final question. I'm pretty sure the score on QBWiki is wrong, because Dorman was still ahead going into that tossup.

1992 was probably the first tournament for which I had every televised match recorded (I was about to start high school at the time) in addition to having attended a great deal of the tournament. Catherine Robe and Dorman, the reigning champions, had narrowly eliminated a somewhat local team from Bridge City to reach the televised phase. There was a kid on that team that was going to Harvard and had recovered from a brain tumor. Weird things stick in your head.

Dorman beat Seaholm (Birmingham, Michigan) in the quarterfinals, then lost to the Bruce siblings and BT Washington in the semifinals. I believe Aiken, SC was also a quarterfinalist that year.

1993 was memorable because Judy West's Temple (TX) team beat top-seeded Plano East in the quarters, and then beat Plano Senior High in the semis. Plano had eliminated a Pennsylvania team in the quarterfinals.

The tapes are likely all melted by now -- they were hard to watch last time I tried -- but I could probably reconstruct brackets still.
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