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This just came to me after forgetting, but HS questions seemed to change around 2005-2007 (when NAQT came in prominence). Before this time, it seemed like a large amount of tournaments had worksheets in the 3rd round. There were some oddball ones that were a part of this, like airport codes.

What are your memories of doing worksheets?
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Re: Worksheets

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I played quiz bowl in all 4 years of high school (2000-2004), and if I remember correctly virtually all non-NAQT tournaments (and I never played any NAQT tournaments at the JV level) used worksheets. I never took issue with them because I really didn't know how good quiz bowl could be (I even enjoyed biography bowl clues at the time!). Most worksheets I think were 15 questions, many of them of the list variety (name the country from its capital, name the author from the Pulitzer Prize winning novel, etc.).

But one tournament that sticks out for its use of worksheets at the time is the Walton High School (in Marietta, GA) varsity tournament that took place annually in either September or October. In the first round of the playoffs, which were single elimination at the time, they would have a pop culture themed worksheet. If I remember correctly it was the only place where pop culture questions were used in that tournament. The first time that I attended was my sophomore year, and we were able to win a close first round playoff match as a JV team largely because of my knowledge of the worksheet topic, which was The Simpsons. If I remember correctly the worksheet theme of that round in the next two years was '80s music and video games.

I also seem to remember reading on the board in my freshman year of college that one notably good team was upset in the first round of the Walton tournament because the worksheet topic was rappers. They had said that they were not going to return to the tournament, though I don't see how they didn't know that that had been a tradition of the Walton tournament.
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Re: Worksheets

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scquizbowl wrote:
Sat Apr 27, 2019 2:29 pm
What are your memories of doing worksheets?
The Commissioner's Academic Challenge ( --- Florida's quiz bowl-esque state championship --- had "worksheets" (someone like Billy Beyer probably remembers better than I do as to what they entailed, but I vaguely recall having to do things like color pictures based on clues and writing out blocks of programming code).

Evidently Panasonic (or the "National Tournament of Academic Excellence" as it's now called) also used (uses?) the CAC-style format of a team worksheet.
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Re: Worksheets

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One easily-predictable aspect of worksheets was that there would inevitably be a worksheet on "This Day in History," usually drawn directly from the History Channel website (back when it focused on actual History, so very long ago). That could be a guaranteed perfect score.

Probably my "favorite" worksheet of all time came in a finals match at a local tournament (questions were NAQT actually, but since it was TN in the early 2000s of course there was a worksheet) when the worksheet tasked us to "identify the maximum recorded speed of the following animals" featuring things like cheetahs and emus.
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