Penn Bowl at the University of Georgia (10/22/16)

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Penn Bowl at the University of Georgia (10/22/16)

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The University of Georgia is pleased to announce that we will be mirroring Penn Bowl on Saturday October 22nd. Details regarding its distribution, writing corps, and other information can be found in the original forum post: ... =8&t=18665

Location and Schedule: The tournament format will vary based on the size of the field, but will presumably be round-robin. All matches will tentatively be in the Miller Learning Center, located on Sanford Drive by Sanford Stadium, as seen on this map: ... w24x36.pdf
The tournament will begin at 9:00 AM.

Base fee: $125 per team
Working buzzer discount: $5 each
Approved moderator discount: $15 each
Travel discount: $10 (more than 200 miles one way according to Google maps)

The base fee does not include lunch. We will instead be leading teams to the Bulldawg Cafe, where a variety of food options can be found.

Payment: We accept payment in cash or checks, which must be made out to either “UGA” or “University of Georgia.” We cannot accept credit cards.

Registration: To register, please e-mail [email protected]. If you do not receive confirmation within a day, please let us know. Please include how many teams, staffers, and buzzers you’re able to bring. The initial cap is 16 teams, but with sufficient early interest we will be able to expand the field. We look forward to seeing you in the Classic City!

Field: (Teams, Buzzers, Staff)
UGA (2/1/?)
Western Kentucky (1/1/?)
Florida (3/?/?)
Georgia Tech (1/1/?)
Chattahoochee (1/0/0)
USC (1/2/2)
Wofford (1/1/1)
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Re: Penn Bowl at the University of Georgia (10/22/16)

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We're now a month out from the tournament--please confirm your attendance when able so that we can reserve an adequate number of rooms.
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Re: Penn Bowl at the University of Georgia (10/22/16)

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I have a few suggestions for how this tournament could have run better. These suggestions have in general already been communicated to the Georgia club, but I'm making them public so that other people can learn also.

1) The schedule called for the fourteen teams to be divided into two groups of seven, with each team playing against every other team in their group, and the two teams on byes playing against each other. This is fine. However, the results of the crossover game between the two teams on byes were counted in the standings. This is absolutely not fine! The reason that this is grossly unfair should be self-evident; having teams in the same group play different schedules defeats the purpose of using prelim groups.

When we raised this concern to the people running the tournament, the response we received was that this was fine because it was accepted quizbowl practice. I have never attended a quizbowl tournament where teams in the same group played different schedules, but if this is common practice in the South or elsewhere, that is deeply distressing. Please do not do this!

2) It was announced at the beginning of the tournament that it would be policy to immediately resolve any protests rather than to only do so if they affected the outcome of the game (as is standard practice). This led to several rounds being delayed in the middle of the match as the moderator left the room to go consult with the control room on a protest. I am sure that this added to the significant length of the tournament. I am also unsure of how protests were resolved, since it seems that that was all done in-house rather than by consulting the editors of the set. Granted, given the circumstances, that may have been the only option, since the editors were preoccupied with writing the set.

3) In general, communication could have been better. When we inquired about the playoff format around lunchtime, we were unable to get a clear answer. Likewise, the schedule said that preliminary losses would be carried over to the playoffs, but we were not told whether that meant all preliminary losses or only preliminary losses to teams in the same bracket. This is a more minor point than the other two, but it's good for the people running a tournament to clearly communicate how the tournament will function.

That said, I am confident that Georgia will sort these issues out and they won't be problems going forward. Jason and Bhanodai in particular were both very responsive to our questions and concerns throughout the tournament, and I want to commend them for that.
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Re: Penn Bowl at the University of Georgia (10/22/16)

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Another thing is that three teams finished 6-1 in a prelim bracket, and that tied was broken by statistics rather than playing it off.
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Re: Penn Bowl at the University of Georgia (10/22/16)

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It's tough to tell since divisions weren't used in SQBS, but I am confused as to how some teams only got 9 games if they got 7 games in the prelims. This would mean that some teams only got 2 more games in the playoffs?

In general, there are two "good" options for 14 teams at college tournaments (which generally guarantee 10 games because of the increased entry fee as compared to high school tournaments, which are fine guaranteeing 9 games): a 14-team round-robin in 13 rounds; a 2x7 bracketed tournament where the top 4 play a crossover for 10 games in 11 rounds, and the bottom 3 form a new bracket of 6 where records are wiped and a 6-team round-robin in 5 rounds occurs for 11 games in 12 rounds. Using the second option would be understandable if you weren't confident that you could do 7 game rooms the whole day, but that's what happened anyway...

To further expand on Naveed's point, even with perfect seeding, making bye games fairly count is impossible. How do you construct a schedule where each team in bracket A/B plays an appropriate seed in bracket B/A? How do you determine what is an appropriate seed in the first place? seed 1 vs seed 1, etc.? seed 1 vs seed 7, etc.? I am very, very good with schedules and I see no way to make any of these determinations in a fair manner.
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