Penn Bowl @ Mizzou (11/19/17)

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Penn Bowl @ Mizzou (11/19/17)

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Hello everyone!

The University of Missouri-Columbia is pleased to announce that we will be mirroring Penn Bowl on Sunday, November 19, 2017. This tournament is closed, meaning teams have to consist of students attending a single school. Other details, such as the distribution and the difficulty, can be found in the main announcement. The tournament will take place the day after our November 18th mirror of WAO II.

Tournament fees:
-$5/working buzzer
-$10/200 miles traveled (one-way as per Google Maps)
-$15/approved moderator

We highly encourage teams to bring moderators and buzzers! We will provide staffers with a lunch (and maybe a breakfast too). Please let us know if you need an invoice; we'll be happy to email you one.


To register, please email us at [email protected] with the subject line “Penn Bowl at Mizzou” and tell us how many teams, buzzers, and moderators you will be bringing. We hope to see everyone in Columbia, MO on November 19th!
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