WAO II @ Mizzou (11/18/17)

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WAO II @ Mizzou (11/18/17)

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Hello everyone!

The University of Missouri-Columbia is pleased to announce that we will be mirroring WAO II on Saturday, November 18, 2017. This tournament is open to anyone to play; however, school teams are encouraged to play with each other. Other details, such as the distribution and the difficulty, can be found in the main announcement. We're also inviting attendees to stick around for our Sunday mirror of Penn Bowl on November 19th.

Tournament fees:
There are separate fees for school teams vs. open teams, so we’ll be listing both of them.
School teams: $140 per team. Open teams: $120 per team
-$5 buzzer discount/working buzzer system you bring (this must allow for 8 players to play at once to qualify for the discount)
-$10/200 miles traveled (one-way as determined by Google Maps)
-$15/approved moderator

Open teams are required to submit packets, while school teams are welcome to submit a packet for an additional discount. For more information, we’ll be quoting the main post about packet submission.
Open teams will be allowed to compete under mandatory packet submission. Please note that open teams include “chimera” teams composing students from multiple institutions (high school or university). Regular school teams can play without submitting a packet, but may do so for an additional discount.

The fee and submission schedule will be as follows:
School Teams: Packet submission optional. $140 base fee; $70 discount for submission by October 1, 2017; $50 discount for submission by October 22, 2017.
Open Teams: Packet submission required. $120 base fee; $20 discount for submission by October 1, 2017.

We are willing to negotiate a half-packet distribution with teams that do not feel capable of writing a full 24/24. Base mirror fees for this tournament will be $45, but will be reduced to $25 per school team that submits a packet ($35 for half packet). High school teams are "school teams" but high school chimera teams are "open teams."
We highly encourage teams to bring moderators and buzzers! We will provide staffers with a lunch (and maybe a breakfast too). Please let us know if you need an invoice; we'll be happy to email you one.


Chicago x 2

To register, please email us at [email protected] with the subject line “WAO II at Mizzou” and tell us how many teams, buzzers, and moderators you will be bringing. We hope to see everyone in Columbia, MO on November 18th!
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Re: WAO II @ Mizzou (11/18/17)

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Could we have a field update on this? We're trying to figure out who owes us what.
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Re: WAO II @ Mizzou (11/18/17)

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Here are the stats from the day (I offered to do the stats, since I wanted to take the scoresheets with me): http://www.hsquizbowl.org/db/tournament ... all_games/. Thanks to everyone who played the set and all of the other tournament staffers!
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