DonDeLillo (WAO II) @ University of Waterloo (18/11/2017)

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DonDeLillo (WAO II) @ University of Waterloo (18/11/2017)

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Hello Canada and quizbowl fans from the United States and (not) Newfoundland!

Waterloo is pleased to announce we will be hosting the Canadian Site of DonDeLilo open this coming Saturday November 18th. This tournament will be taking place in RCH (JR Coutts Engineering Lecutre Hall), where most of our recent tournaments have been. This tournament will have an opening meeting at 8:45AM, and the first question will be read at 9AM. Information regarding the distribution and tournament itself can be found here here

$140 Per School Team, ($70/$50 Discount for Optional Packet Submission)
$120 Per Open Team (Mandatory Packet Submission)
-$5 Buzzer Discount
-$10 Staffer Discount
-$10 Travel Discount(per 320 km one way)

You can pay through cheque, cash or e-transfer on the day of the tournament. If none of these methods works for you, please get in touch with me and we can work something out.

To register, please e-mail me at [email protected], or get in touch with me some other way if that is more convenient for you. Please remember to include how many teams, buzzers and staffers you are bringing.

Other Notes
Free parking can be found at Lot X on this map. Located off the north side of Columbia Street. Free parking can also be found at the University Colleges located along Westmount avenue. Lunch options will be widely available at the plaza located to the West of Campus, including several quality shawarma shops and Waterloo's own Mr. Paninos Beijing House.

Field: (Teams, Buzzers, Staffers)
House (1/1/x)
Toronto (1 submission for optional discount) (2/1/0)
Scab (1/0/0)

Hope to see you all there!
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Re: DonDeLillo (WAO II) @ University of Waterloo (18/11/2017

Post by Senator_Jay »

Hey, is there a field update for this? Or is it really just 2 teams?
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Re: DonDeLillo (WAO II) @ University of Waterloo (18/11/2017

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Senator_Jay wrote:Hey, is there a field update for this? Or is it really just 2 teams?
Given that Isaac seems to be more interested in playing Reach for the Top than making tournaments he's involved with actually happen...well, we can all draw our own conclusions here.
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Re: DonDeLillo (WAO II) @ University of Waterloo (18/11/2017

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As far as I know, there are two house teams and two U of T teams. The editors have allowed the addition of scab teams at a TBD extra cost to bring the field size to a good even number and make everyone's schedule a bit nicer.
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