NAQT SCT at Mizzou (2/3/2018)

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NAQT SCT at Mizzou (2/3/2018)

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The University of Missouri Quizbowl Club is pleased to announce that the Central site of the NAQT Sectional Championship Tournament will take place on February 3, 2018.

Location: This tournament will take place at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Details of which building we will use will be announced closer to the date of the tournament.


Base fees: $125 for the first team from a school; $100 for second or subsequent teams


$10 discount per working buzzer system (must accommodate at least eight players)

$30 discount per experienced moderator

$25 discount (per team) for schools new to quizbowl (neither competed in nor hosted SCT in 2016 or 2017)

Payment will be taken at check-in on February 3rd.

How to register: This tournament uses NAQT's online registration system. Register here.
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Re: NAQT SCT at Mizzou (2/3/2018)

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WUSTL A went undefeated with a 10-0 record after beating DePaul in a one-game advantaged final. Stats are here.
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