ACF Fall South Atlantic - Tusculum University, 11-03-2018

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ACF Fall South Atlantic - Tusculum University, 11-03-2018

Post by ShorterPearson »

I'm slow-walking this announcement to make sure ducks are in a row.

But here's your placeholder post that yes, there is a historic old private college in East Tennessee that's running ACF Fall in a beautiful new science building. And we're going to run a quick version of an NAQT Collegiate Novice the day before to give you more bang for your quizbowl buck.

The full announcement coming early next week. Thanks to all of you, and especially the ACF Fall editors, for support.
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Re: ACF Fall South Atlantic - Tusculum University, 11-03-2018

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Is an updated announcement coming soon?
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Re: ACF Fall South Atlantic - Tusculum University, 11-03-2018

Post by 1.82 »

Obviously, the full announcement that was supposed to be posted at the beginning of September, nearly two months ago, has not been posted, and no information has been sent to teams that signed up for this site. More generally, Chuck Pearson has been totally incommunicado (although he has logged onto this site within the past week); consequently, with eight days left before the tournament is scheduled to be held, we have to assume that this announced site will not take place.

According to the spreadsheet listing teams signed up for ACF Fall, there are five schools that have registered teams for this site: East Tennessee State, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Washington & Lee, and Wofford. These teams should instead make plans to attend a different site of this tournament; this should happen as soon as possible, so that hosts have time to prepare. For Washington & Lee, the closest site is at Maryland; for the remaining schools signed up, the closest site is at Georgia Tech. For all schools except ETSU, travel time will not be significantly increased by switching sites, and in some cases it will be shorter.

If we can get some sort of assurance very soon that this tournament has in fact been up and running all along and that Tusculum is ready to host teams next Saturday, then maybe it can go along as planned. However, given the total lack of communication over the last two months on the part of the hosts with anyone, it seems most prudent to make plans to play a site that actually exists.
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Re: ACF Fall South Atlantic - Tusculum University, 11-03-2018

Post by JKHtay »

We have reached out to the schools closer to Georgia Tech asking if they want to come to our mirror should Tusculum's not happen.
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Re: ACF Fall South Atlantic - Tusculum University, 11-03-2018

Post by vengefulsweatermensch »

Tusculum University's mirror of ACF Fall has been cancelled. The teams affected by this cancellation have been notified and are encouraged to attend Georgia Tech's mirror instead.
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