FST @ University of Florida (3/23/19, Main Site)

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FST @ University of Florida (3/23/19, Main Site)

Post by TaylorH »

This is the official post for the main site of the Florida Spring Tournament (FST,) to be held at the University of Florida on March 23th. Information about the set can be found here: http://hsquizbowl.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=21591

This tournament is open to college and high school teams, but not open or chimera teams. To register, send the number of teams and buzzers to [email protected]

$100 Base fee
-$5 buzzer discount

[to be updated]

We hope to see everyone in Gainesville on the 23rd!
Taylor Harvey (he/him)
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Re: FST @ University of Florida (3/23/19, Main Site)

Post by Mahavishnu »

This tournament was bundles of fun, and a dandy time was had by all. Going undefeated through the course of the round robin prelims, UGA A, consisting of Brice Fincher, David Galban, Bhanodai Pippala, and David Stewart, came out victorious in the first round of an advantaged final against the second-place UF A (Anthony Delgado, William Grossman, Henry Hill, and Khanh Nguyen).

Following a long expedition into the depths of the UF Quizbowl Book Cave, the following individuals received (many) treasures from the cavern's seemingly unlimited stores.

1. Daniel Golisch - UCF C
2. Zachary Knecht - UF Z Plus
3. David Galban - UGA A
4. Nabeel Farooq - UF D
5. Bhanodai Pippala - UGA A
6. Dylan Higbie - UCF B
7. Hannah Sage - UCF A
8. Matt Soree - UF D
9. Zane Placie - UGA B
10. Khanh Nguyen - UF A
11. Anthony Delgado - UF A
12. David Espinal - UCF A
13. Henry Hill - UF A
14. Shawn Jarrard - UF C
15. Brice Fincher - UGA A
16. Josh Christopher - UGA B
17. Jason Zappulla - UF B

Stats can be found at the following link.

Thanks to Taylor Harvey for TDing, and thanks to him, Jonathen Settle, Alex Shaw, Leo Law, and myself for staffing. Additional thanks to UGA, UCF, and Leo for making the long drive out here, and to Zachary Knecht for choosing to undertake the grueling experience that is playing a tournament by oneself to round out our schedule.

The editors and the rest of the FST writing crew hope everyone found the tournament to their likings!

Everyone performed remarkably. We look forward to seeing you all again! :party:
Tracy Mirkin
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Florida '22
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Re: FST @ University of Florida (3/23/19, Main Site)

Post by VSCOelasticity »

A private forum has been created for FST, so please request access by clicking User Control Panel (under your username in the top right corner) => Usergroups => 2019 Florida Spring discussion. We would appreciate your feedback!