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Florida Spring Tournament (FST) at Amherst College, 4/27/19

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 5:06 pm
by Santa Claus
The Amherst College Quiz Bowl team is very happy to announce that we will be hosting the Northeast Mirror of the 2019 Florida Spring Tournament on Saturday, April 27th, 2019. As stated in the set's announcement, this tournament will be "a regular minus collegiate quiz bowl set," or alternatively one dot on the scale at the College quizbowl calendar. We will be using standard ACF rules for gameplay and scoring, but please take note that the set will be 24/24 and powermarked.

We have decided to open the field to high school teams who wish to participate. Team formation will be closed (all players must attend the same school) and high school teams will not be eligible for the new team discount.

EDIT: We have received permission from Florida to run a combination House + Mt. Holyoke team. We are not concerned that this will affect the field, and wish to guarantee more competitive games for the other teams.

Registration and Fees:
Base fee: $110
Shorthanded discount (1 or 2 players): -$40
New team discount: -$40
Buzzer discount: -$5
Staffer discount: -$15
Minimum fee per team: $60

The new team discount will be offered to teams that consist entirely of players that fit all the following restrictions:
a) played no college tournaments ever OR played only introductory tournaments (ACF Fall, SCT DII, FST, EFT)
b) played less than two full years in college AND five full years in total

This discount is meant to encourage novice teams to attend this tournament. Please inform me if you wish to apply for this discount while registering, and provide a roster for said team.

To register, please email me at [email protected] - please indicate your school, number of teams attending, number of staffers, and number of buzzers.

Payment can be made in the form of cash or Venmo on the day of the tournament - I do not believe we can accept checks, so if you are only able to pay via check, please email me.

There is a tentative field cap of 12 teams, as we are a small team and do not possess the numbers to effectively run a larger tournament. Please attempt to wrangle buzzers and staff for this tournament, as we would like to expand the field if possible.

Current Field (8/8) (teams/buzzers/staffers)
UConn (1/0/0)
Williams (2/1/0)
MIT (1/1/0)
House + Mt. Holyoke (1/1/4)
Harvard (2/3/0)
Yale (1/1/0)

Re: Florida Spring Tournament (FST) at Amherst College, 4/27/19

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 11:39 pm
by Santa Claus
Don’t forget to register! We’re excited to host our first tournament in quite a while, and would love to have more teams attending.

For those interested in coming, here are some food options in the area:

Antonio’s - an excellent pizza chain that also has a location at Brown. I recommend the chicken tortellini and the chicken bacon ranch with a zesty Orangina as a drink.

Bistro 63 - fancier fare in line with what you’d expect from trendier places. A bit expensive and probably not where you’d aim to get lunch. Quality tiramisu.

Black Sheep - a combination bakery and sandwich shop, perfect for stopping in and getting yourself a quick bite and conveniently located right next to a Pokémon gym. I know they have good birthday cakes but I’m less knowledgeable about their other options.

Bueno y Sano - Burritos! There’s a Chipotle further along Route 9, but unless you enjoy playing real-life Frogger you’re safer going with this arguably tastier option. They have a great deal where you can add rice and a stuffed pepper on the side (what Calvin and Hobbes would call monkey heads).

Crazy Noodles - alright restaurant with a range of noodle related foods. Significantly less crazy than you’d expect. The drunken noodles are good.

Fresh Side - I’m not a huge fan personally and neither are my friends, but I’ve had friends of friends who love this place. Asian fusion with a speciality of tea rolls.

Glazed Donuts - for when you really want Fruity Pebbles, but on a donut, and delicious. But also why would you eat an actual meal here.

Halal cart - not really a restaurant, just a guy who runs a halal cart. Not sure if you can really guarantee he’ll be there but he’s pretty diligent so I give pretty good odds. Great if you’re craving some chicken on rice.

High Horse - this is a bar? So unless you’re planning on day drinking you best move along.

Insomnia Cookies - for when your meal of choice is 2 chocolate chunk, a mint chocolate, two M&M’s, and a bottle of milk.

Johnny’s Tavern - high quality American food for a bit of a premium. Realistically you won’t be able to eat here for lunch since the service is a tad too slow, but if you were bold enough to stay for dinner... try the Brussels sprouts.

Judy’s - “home of the popover”: more like “home of the mediocre food but pretty good dessert.” You can eat here if you want to pretend that you’re an extra in the movie Pleasantville before there’s color or joy or a concept of ethnic food.

Miss Saigon - Vietnamese place with a wide range of foods but I have only ever ordered the pho because I enjoy pho far too much. The curry noodles are good though.

Momo’s - I’ve actually never been, but this is a Tibetan place. Considering their name, I’d expect that the go-to option would be the momos.

Oriental Flavor - look past the name and you’ll find the best Chinese restaurant in town, which is no small feat considering there’s at least six. Potentially too slow for lunch, as it’s always crowded, but if you get the chance to go try the red-cooked pork and the string beans.

Paradise of India - only the second best Indian restaurant in the area, but still very good. I haven't eaten here in the last three years so I don't realllllly remember what's good.

Pasta e Basta - come for the pasta, stay for the basta (whatever that means). Pretty good Italian place.

Pita Pockets - yummy gyro, favorable falafel, righteous wraps. Putting aside my strained alliteration, this is a top tier establishment and the store owner is a nice man who gives complimentary falafel and deserves your money.

Starbucks - it’s a Starbucks.

Subway - it’s a Subway.

The Taste - high quality Thai restaurant run by some cool Thai people that my Thai roommate’s parents hang out with every time they visit. They have a country style Pad Thai that’s spicier than their standard fare, a framed portrait of the king of Thailand on a devotional shrine, and of course all their curries are wonderful.

Top Kebab - you know, I’ve been meaning to go here since they opened, but it’s so easy to just keep going to places you’ve already been and there’s so many good options in town. If you go here, tell me what’s good.
EDIT: unfortunately they're closed for renovations right now.

Veracruzana - good guac, quality tacos. Also has a pretty good margarita, but you didn’t hear that from me.

The Works - Panera-type establishment, complete with alright smoothies and sandwiches (?). I dunno, I’ve only been here like once and I just got a strawberry banana smoothie.

Re: Florida Spring Tournament (FST) at Amherst College, 4/27/19

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 11:16 am
by Santa Claus
We’ve decided to close the field at 8 teams. Please let us know if you are still interested in coming and I can put you on a waitlist.

Re: Florida Spring Tournament (FST) at Amherst College, 4/27/19

Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 7:44 pm
by Santa Claus
Congratulations to Harvard A for placing 1st place after beating MIT A in a one-game final to go 9-2!

Thanks to all the teams that came today, and I hope you enjoyed visiting Amherst for what I assume was the first time.

Stats can be found here: