ANNOUNCEMENT: Brandeis Invitational 2019

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Brandeis Invitational 2019

Post by Lwj4th » Thu Mar 14, 2019 6:37 pm

Hello everyone!

I am excited to announce (a little last-minute) that Brandeis will be hosting a FREE tournament for DII players (including those who have qualified for this year's ICT) on Saturday March 30. This event will be on the more relaxed side, as it is late in the competition season and will be conducted with the CNS-177C novice-level packet set, and is intended as an opportunity for teams in the region to have fun, interact, and perhaps send players with a little less competition experience to a no-fee tournament. Of course, experienced players are welcome as well. As I have mentioned a couple times, there will be no registration fees involved with this tournament, but we are in need of buzzer systems and will not be able to conduct the event without them, so please bring as many as you are able to. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at this email address, and if you wish to register, just enter your information on the spreadsheet I have linked to; we should also have registration through NAQT set up soon, so please do that as well when it is available. The field is capped at 16, so make sure to get a spot soon if you want to play. Hope to see many of you soon! ... sp=sharing

UPDATE 3/15: We now have registration open through NAQT, please make sure to put your information here; you can bypass the spreadsheet and do this instead if you so choose, but please still let me know how many buzzer systems you plan to bring. In addition, I wanted to make it clear that you should be able to park for free on campus right next to the tournament location, so travel should be very straightforward. ... t_id=10048

Current Field (School: teams/buzzers)

Mount Holyoke: 1/0
RPI: 2/1
Brandeis: 1/1
UConn: 1/?
Lyle James

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