ANNOUNCEMENT: Penn Bowl 2019

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Penn Bowl 2019

Post by mtebbe » Mon May 20, 2019 10:01 pm

I am pleased to announce Penn Bowl 2019 (Penn Bowl XXVIII) for the Fall semester of 2019. We plan to run this tournament at the main site on October 19th.


This tournament will be written by writers from Penn. The tournament will be edited by a team of editors consisting of Jaimie Carlson (Lit), Nitin Rao (History), Eric Mukherjee (Science), Aaron Rosenberg (Music/Other FA), Aseem Keyal (Painting), Jerry Vinokurov (Philosophy), NourEddine Hijazi (Belief), and Ankit Aggarwal (SS). Nitin Rao will be head-editing. There will be 15 packets of power-marked questions not longer than 8 lines (including bolding for power). The target difficulty is roughly the same as past Penn Bowls.

The distribution we are using is as follows:
4/4 Literature (1/1 American, 1/1 British, 1/1 European, 1/1 World & Other)
4/4 History (1/1 American, 2/2 European, 1/1 World)
4/4 Science (1/1 Biology, 1/1 Chemistry, 1/1 Physics, 1/1 Math and Other)
3/3 Arts
2/2 Belief (formerly 1/1 Religion, 1/1 Myth)
1/1 Philosophy
1/1 SS
1/1 Geography, CE, and Trash

Each packet will also have a tiebreaker tossup from literature, history, or science.


We are looking for mirrors in all regions. The mirror fee will be $40 per team. Mirrors of this tournament should aim to run on either October 19th or 26th.

At the main site, we will use the following fee structure:
Base fee: $120 per team
Working buzzer discount: $5 each
Approved moderator discount: $15 each
Travel discount: $10 (more than 200 miles one way according to Google maps)

If you have any questions, please contact

METHOD OF PAYMENT (borrowed from Cody Voight)

All teams must pay by the day of the tournament. We prefer to accept payment in person right before the tournament starts, but we will accept checks by mail ahead of time if your procedures require it. Teams who do not pay by the day of the tournament will be charged a $25 penalty and will have two weeks to pay their total amount before we start mailing letters to your school administration about it.

We can accept cash, personal checks, or checks from school, school district, or quizbowl club funds. We have no ability to process purchase orders or credit cards, but we will accept Paypal and Venmo. Bringing forms of payment outside of the three listed will be considered nonpayment and subject you to the $25 late payment penalty.

All checks must be made out to either "Nitin Rao" or "Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania" (must be exact wording). If you bring a check not made out to either "Nitin Rao" or "Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania" and have no other method of paying for the tournament, you will be subject to the $25 late payment penalty. If you require a pre-tournament invoice or W9 in order to have a check cut, let us know early enough for your school to process the payment. We can generally send you an invoice the same day.


Please contact if you're interested in hosting a mirror or have any other inquiries.

Current mirrors:
Upper Midwest: Michigan, 10/19
Lower Midwest: Truman, 10/26 (viewtopic.php?f=8&t=23178)
South Atlantic: Auburn, 10/26
NorCal: Stanford, 10/19 (viewtopic.php?f=8&t=23211)
Northeast: Harvard, 10/19 (viewtopic.php?f=8&t=23184)
Florida: UCF, 10/26
UK: Cambridge, 10/26
Minnesota: University of Minnesota, 10/19
South: UT Austin, 10/19 (viewtopic.php?f=8&t=23188)
Lower Mid-Atlantic: UNC, date TBD
Pacific Northwest:
High School: New Trier HS, 12/14

Current field (TEAMS/BUZZERS/STAFFERS): 12/36
Princeton (2/1/0)
Delaware (1/2/0)
NYU (3/2/0)
Penn Manor (1/4/0)
Great Valley (2/0/0)
Rutgers (2/1/0)
Manheim Township (1/0/0)
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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Penn Bowl 2019

Post by mtebbe » Wed Aug 21, 2019 12:13 am

With the addition of a new high school mirror at New Trier High School on December 14th, Penn Bowl will not be clear until significantly later than normal. We would still prefer all college mirrors to run on October 19th or October 26th for logistical reasons.
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