Longhorn Invitational Tournament (LIT, Spring 2020)

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Longhorn Invitational Tournament (LIT, Spring 2020)

Post by Bensonfan23 » Wed Jun 05, 2019 2:34 pm

I'm excited to announce the 2020 iteration of Longhorn Invitational Tournament (LIT), a medium-difficulty set that will be available for mirrors beginning in March 2020! This tournament will be written by the current members of UT Austin’s Quizbowl team, with some assistance from outside subject editors (these are currently being determined, and will be updated shortly!).

All players who are eligible under current ACF rules can play at collegiate mirrors of LIT. Closed high school teams are also eligible for all mirrors of LIT. This set will also be available for use in high school-only mirrors, as long as hosts clearly express their intent to host such a mirror in advance. Chimera teams will not be allowed, without any exception, for any physical mirrors of LIT, collegiate or high school-only. This tournament will have an open, playtest discord mirror the week before any physical mirrors of the set take place, and LIT will also be available for additional online open mirrors after all physical sites have finished (similar to ILLIAC in spring 2019), if demand exists for them.
Note: The ability for closed high school teams to play at either standard college mirrors of LIT or at closed high school mirrors is different than Terrapin 2019’s eligibility. Please plan accordingly!

This tournament is intended to be similar in difficulty to Terrapin 2019, which is to say LIT is a medium-difficulty tournament that will be more difficult than EFT but also noticeably below the difficulty of ACF Regionals. As with Terrapin 2019, this tournament is being written with a majority of college teams as the target audience, but we will also strive to create a set that allows even the most experienced teams to meaningfully play and enjoy the tournament. Questions for this set will also be held to a strict limit of no longer than 7 full lines of text in size 10 TNR font.

Editing and Writing Team:
I, Ryan Humphrey, will serving as the head editor for this tournament. Jaskaran Singh will be the primary editor for history and current events and co-editing world literature. William Golden will be editing fine arts and other-academic/pop-culture, and co-editing literature. Brad McLain will be editing religion and philosophy, and co-editing social science and mythology. I will be the primary science editor and will also be co-editing across all categories. Outside editor(s) will be added (shortly) to contribute to editing auditory arts and literature; this post will be updated as soon as those additional contributors are confirmed. As stated above, the writing team for this set will consist of members of the UT Austin quizbowl club.

4/4 Literature:
-1/1 American
-1/1 British
-1/1 European
-1/1 World/Classical
4/4 History:
-1/1 American
-1/1 Continental European
-1/1 Commonwealth, Classical, Other, Historiography
-1/1 World
4/4 Science:
-1/1 Biology
-1/1 Chemistry
-1/1 Physics
-1/1 Other Science (.5/.5 Math and CS, .5/.5 Earth Sci, Astronomy, History of Science, Other)
3/3 Fine Arts:
-1/1 Painting
-1/1 Classical Music
-1/1 Other Arts
2/2 Thought:
-1/1 Social Science
-1/1 Philosophy
1.5/1.5 Beliefs:
-1/1 Religion
-.5/.5 “Myths and Legends” (with some text-based mythology content covered in literature)
1.5/1.5 Geo/CE/Other Academic/Pop Culture
-.75/.75 Geography and Current Events
-.75/.75 Pop Culture and Other Academic

There will be 15 packets in total for this tournament, 13 main packets with two packets set aside for the two finals rounds. The two finals packets may be marginally more difficult, but will still be noticeably easier than ACF Regionals in difficulty.

Mirror fees: The mirror fee for this set will be 40$ per team (house teams included).

List of Mirrors:
Discord (open):
Great Lakes:
Upper Midwest:
Lower Midwest:
Pacific Northwest:
Northern California:
Southern California:
High School:

All inquiries regarding mirrors should be sent via email to Ryan Humphrey at the following address: ryanhumphrey1996@gmail.com. Tentatively, this set will be available for mirrors beginning the 1st Saturday of March, 2020 (3/7/2020).
Ryan Humphrey
UT Austin (Cell & Developmental PhD Program, 2018-?)
Duke University (Biology and History, Class of 2018)
George Washington High School (Charleston, WV, Class of 2014)
Former PACE Member (2017-2019)

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