NAQT Collegiate Novice @ Carleton University (28/09/2019)

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NAQT Collegiate Novice @ Carleton University (28/09/2019)

Post by Benin Rebirth Party » Fri Aug 23, 2019 11:03 pm

Carleton University (the one in Ottawa, Ontario) will be hosting a mirror of NAQT's collegiate novice set (CNS-186) on 28 September 2019.

Location and Time
The tournament will start at 10:00am (so teams should arrive around 9:30) at an as yet undetermined location at Carleton. There will be a 1 hour lunch break (not provided), and the tournament will wrap up by 5:00pm.

Registration and Fees
To register, email me at joesu235 AT with the number of teams you intend to send, the discounts you wish to claim, and any eligibility exceptions you want me to consider.

The fee calculation is as follows:
Base fee: $80
Shorthanded discount: -$15/missing player
Buzzer discount: -$10/set
Staff discount: -$10/staffer
Minimum fee: $30/team

Schools that did not attend any tournaments in the 2018-19 season will just be charged the minimum fee.

Any player who currently is enrolled in a post-secondary institution who has played less than one or fewer academic quizbowl tournaments (in college and high school) where they meet the following benchmarks are eligible.
- IS-A pp20 of 40 or more
- IS pp20 of 30 or more, including previous collegiate novices
- Any non-novice collegiate tournament of pp20 20 or more
Experience in other formats, such as Reach for the Top or History Bowl do not count. Please include in your registration email if you wish to apply for eligibility exemptions.

This tournament will use 22/22 question paсks following NAQT rules. Rounds will not be timed.

Unaffiliated staffers are more than welcome and will be given a lunch stipend.


High school players and coaches are explicitly banned from attending this tournament.
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