2019 ACF Fall at Minnesota (11/02/2019)

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2019 ACF Fall at Minnesota (11/02/2019)

Post by Viridian »

I am pleased to announce that the North site of 2019 ACF Fall will be held at the University of Minnesota on Saturday, November 2, 2019. The tournament will take place in Blegen Hall, with team check-in beginning at 8:30 AM and gameplay beginning at 9.00 AM. Rob Carson will be the day-of TD, while I will handle all logistics prior to the tournament date. Please direct any questions about this site to me at [email protected].

In general, teams where players are all attending the same school and all taking at least one class for credit during the 2019-2020 school year are eligible to play 2019 ACF Fall. ACF’s full eligibility rules are available here. Questions about eligibility should be directed to [email protected].

This tournament will follow ACF’s official gameplay rules.

Registration for this event has two steps.
First, please write to [email protected] with your team name, the number of buzzers and staffers with laptops you will be bringing, and whether you traveled more than 200 miles one-way.
Second, fill out the central 2019 ACF Fall registration form with all relevant information. The form is here: https://forms.gle/jeavKYCaCvGJaQNq5. The field for each site can be found here.

Base fee: $150
New to quizbowl discount: –$100
Shorthanded discount (1-2 players): –$75
Buzzers: –$10 per functional system
Staffers: –$15 per staffer with functional laptop
Travel: –$10 per 200 miles traveled one-way
The "new to quizbowl" discount is intended for schools that did not send a team to any regular collegiate academic tournament (exclusively Novice tournaments do not count) since September 2018, and have no one on the team(s) claiming this discount who played those tournaments for another school.

Packet Discounts/Penalties
Any team with at least two people on it who played a regular, collegiate, academic quizbowl tournament (either as a college student or as a high school student) prior to September 1, 2018, is required to submit a half-packet, unless it is a high school team attending a high-school-only mirror. If you are unsure whether your team is required to submit a half-packet, please email ACF at [email protected].

The submission schedule is as follows (your submission must be sent to [email protected] by 11:59 PM PDT):
September 7: –$30
September 21: –$15 (–$30 if optional)
October 5: no penalty (–$15 if optional)
October 12: +$25
October 19: +$50

Packets submitted later than October 20 will receive an additional penalty of +$10 per day starting on October 21.

High School Teams
High school teams are not allowed to register for this mirror of ACF Fall.
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Re: 2019 ACF Fall at Minnesota (11/02/2019)

Post by OctagonJoe »

Congratulations to Minnesota B, who defeated Minnesota A in the first game of an advantaged final. Thanks to everyone who came. Stats can be found here.
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Re: 2019 ACF Fall at Minnesota (11/02/2019)

Post by Susan »

Wow--very exciting to see a field where half of the teams are from liberal arts colleges!
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Re: 2019 ACF Fall at Minnesota (11/02/2019)

Post by mjoy »

My team, NMU (not a liberal arts college, but also not an R1 powerhouse) greatly enjoyed the tournament. It was very well-run, and I appreciated your thoughtful replies to my requests for accomodations. I'm always confident that, despite the 6.5 hour drive, tournaments at the U of MN will be positive experiences. We also liked Nicholson Hall quite a bit--it has more character than Blegen, and the Dinkytown restaurant scene is a plus. (I know that this change in venue was not your idea, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.)
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Re: 2019 ACF Fall at Minnesota (11/02/2019)

Post by Muriel Axon »

It was wonderful to see your NMU teams, Dr. Joy, and great to see a lot of the local liberal arts colleges come, too! Your comment about the location is noted -- I also like having tournaments on East Bank!
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Re: 2019 ACF Fall at Minnesota (11/02/2019)

Post by theMoMA »

I always enjoy seeing NMU teams at Minnesota--we really appreciate you making the drive! It's also been great to see the Macalester and Grinnell field impressive teams recently.
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