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EFT @ UCSD [10-26-2019]

Posted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 6:36 pm
by Nicholas Blischak
The UCSD Quizbowl team is pleased to announce a mirror of 2019 EFT to be held on our campus on Saturday, October 26.

This will be a closed mirror open to both collegiate and high school teams. The main announcement for this set can be found here:

New schools (schools that did not play a tournament in the 2018-2019 season) will pay a flat fee of $40 per team. Returning schools will pay a base fee of $105 per team.

Teams of more than six players will not be accepted for either new or returning teams.

-$5 per working buzzer system (must accommodate at least eight players)
-$10 per experienced moderator that provides their own laptop or tablet capable of editing Google Sheets
-$5 per 50 miles traveled per team (one-way)

Early Registration Discounts:
-$10 per team that registers on or before October 19
-Additional $10 per team that registers on or before September 30

Minimum Fees:
$65 for each regular team
$40 for each new school team

How to Register:
More logistics information will be provided closer to the date of the tournament to teams that have registered. To register (or if you have any questions), email us at with:
1. How many teams you expect to bring (include a request for waitlisted teams)
2. The number of buzzers and moderators you can provide
3. A contact email and phone number
4. Additional discounts (new school or distance)
5. Final expected cost (excluding waitlisted teams)
Please include the name of the tournament as well as your school in the subject of your email (e.g. "UCSD registration for EFT")

Registration Limits:
We will implement a soft field cap of 8 teams until we can confirm rooms and staffers. If we can expand the field cap, teams on the waitlist will be let off approximately 1 week prior to the tournament.

Re: EFT @ UCSD [10-26-2019]

Posted: Sun Oct 13, 2019 9:49 pm
by Nicholas Blischak
Field Update as of 10/13/19 (teams/buzzers/moderators):
WV (1/2/0)

Due to field size issues, if at least five teams have not registered by Oct. 20, then this mirror will be cancelled.