Fall Open @ UVA (Nov. 16, 2019)

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Fall Open @ UVA (Nov. 16, 2019)

Post by Make sure your seatbelt is fastened » Wed Oct 02, 2019 1:35 pm

We're pleased to announce UVA's mirror of Fall Open on November 16, 2019.

The tournament will be open, meaning that anyone can play it. I've made a team formation spreadsheet if you're looking to assemble a team. After deciding on a team, please send me a registration email that includes your team members, the number of buzzers you're bringing, whether you qualify for distance discounts and if you're planning on bringing staffers to 13i9n01 at gmail dot com.

Fee structure:

Base fee: $130 ($50 minimum)
Buzzer discount: -$5 per working buzzer system
Distance discount: -$10 per 200 miles traveled one-way
Moderator discount: -$15

We're going to initially cap the field at 10 teams, but expect to expand it if there is sufficient interest.

Field (1/10):

Itamar Naveh-Benjamin
Mizzou '19
UVA '23

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