Delta Burke 2019 Mirror @ Virginia Tech (2/29/2020)

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Delta Burke 2019 Mirror @ Virginia Tech (2/29/2020)

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Virginia Tech will be hosting a mirror of Delta Burke 2019 on February 29th, 2020

Probably McBryde (225 Stanger Street, Blacksburg VA)

Question Set:
Delta Burke 2019, as provided by Valencia College

You can look here ... 4&p=335030 for a break down of topics
and here for an idea of the difficulty level (it should skew on the easier side for most college teams)

Registration Fee:
Experienced Staffer: -$10
Working Buzzer Set: -$5
New to Quizbowl: -$30
Travel Discount (per 150 miles one way from Virginia Tech) : -$10
All checks can be made payable to Academic Competition Organization

The number of teams for this tournament will initially be capped at 20, although we may expand depending on interest and resources.

Team Size
6 players can be on a team, although only 4 can play at a time. Schools fielding more than 6 players should register an additional team

Email [email protected] with:
-Team name
-Number of Teams
-Number of working Buzzers
-Number of Staff
-Any other applicable discounts
On the day of the tournament, registration will start at 8:15 AM, and rounds should start at 9:00 AM

If you have any questions just email me ([email protected])!

2/11 Current Field (Teams/Buzzers/Staffers):
William and Mary: 2/1/2
Liberty: 3/2/0
ETSU: 1/1/0
VCU: 1*/4/1
Alia Wilson
Virginia Tech 2020
President, Academic Competition Organization at Virginia Tech