Open 'SHOP: An open WORKSHOP online mirror (4/25/2020)

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Open 'SHOP: An open WORKSHOP online mirror (4/25/2020)

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Hi everyone!

Given the cancellation of several of our in-person mirrors, we on the WORKSHOP team are announcing a second round of online mirrors, one closed and one open. The following announcement covers the OPEN mirror, which will happen on April 25, 2020. Any 4 players, as long as they have not playtested the set or played any previous mirror, are free to form a team and play this mirror. The field is capped at 12 teams.

This tournament is collegiate regionals difficulty, a 3 on Ophir's difficulty scale. More information here.

In order to register, please fill out a row on the OPEN subsheet of this spreadsheet. Please also email [email protected] with a functioning venmo address that we can charge for payment.

The mirror fee for this tournament will be $80 per team. If a member of your team commits to staff the closed mirror the following weekend, your mirror fee will be discounted to $40. If two members of your team do so, your mirror fee will be discounted to $20. Please direct payment to Alex Damisch over Venmo (preferred) @damischa or, if you can't, PayPal [email protected]

If you want to staff, please indicate that on the spreadsheet linked above. Staff who are not will receive $30 for the day.

This tournament will begin at 10 AM Eastern Time (7 AM Pacific) with or without you. Please be on the server at 9:30; a link for the server will be sent to the contact email provided the night before.

We hope to see you there!
Jakob Myers
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