2020 Spring Undergraduate Novice (SUN) [Fall Mirror] @ Michigan State University (10/10/2020)

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2020 Spring Undergraduate Novice (SUN) [Fall Mirror] @ Michigan State University (10/10/2020)

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We are pleased to announce that Michigan State University will be hosting an online mirror of Spring Undergraduate Novice (SUN) on Saturday, October 10th. More details about the set can be found in this forum post: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=23049


Due to obvious circumstances, the tournament will be held over Zoom. We ask that all players have Zoom downloaded and available before the tournament starts. Players should also test their audio and video before the tournament. Should there be technical issues with Zoom, we may use Discord as a backup audio/videoconferencing solution. Further details about the tournament logistics will be sent to registered teams at least a week before the tournament date.

We plan to start matches at 9:15 AM EDT after a brief opening session at 9:00 AM.


This tournament aims to provide an introduction for players new to collegiate quizbowl. Consequently, NOVICE players should constitute the majority of teams at this tournament. For this tournament, a novice is defined such that neither of these conditions hold:
  • An individual scored in the top 25 at PACE NSC and/or the top 50 at NAQT HSNCT.
  • An individual scored above 35 ppg at any collegiate tournament.
In general, we will not screen teams actively to ensure each individual player meets this definition, but we reserve the right to prohibit players or teams should they not meet these eligibility criteria.

Furthermore, if you wish to have the “New Team Discount” applied to your invoice, we will need a roster of your team when you register to ensure team members meet these guidelines in addition to the “New Team Discount” criterion.

The tournament will be limited geographically to schools in the Great Lakes/Midwest region (loosely defined to include MI, OH, (Western)PA, Il, WI, MN, and IN). Geographic exceptions may be granted under certain circumstances.

This tournament will be a closed tournament. Only colleges and community colleges may register, and teams must consist of enrolled members in the registering school.


$70/team [Minimum Fee: $40/team]


-$10/team "New Team Discount"
  • Applicable if ALL members of a registered team did not participate in a collegiate level tournament in the previous academic year (2019-20) and meet the above definition for “Novice” players.
-$10/team Multiple Team Discount
  • excluding first registered team for each school (e.g., $70 base fee for team one and $60 for each additional team after the first.)
-$10/team Staffer Discount
  • Staffer must have adequate equipment and be available for the entirety of the tournament
To promote clubs to register ‘novice’ teams, the “New Team Discount” has a more expansive definition to broadly include teams that did not participate in a collegiate event during the previous academic year (i.e., We are not excluding established clubs from requesting the discount, so long as the team members meet the above “Novice” eligibility criteria and the “New Team Discount” criterion). If you have any questions about this discount or eligibility criteria, please send us an email at [email protected].


Send us an email with the number of teams and staffers (if any) to [email protected] to register. If you wish to use the new team discount, also include the roster of the team you’d like to apply the discount to. Please register by October 3 at the latest.

Tournament Field (Teams/Staffers) [Last Updated: 10/3]:

The tournament will be limited tentatively to 14 teams. When we have more confirmed staffers, we will expand the field.

MSU (2/11)
UMich (2/1)
UChicago (3/0)
Purdue (4/0)
Macalester (1/0)
Pitt (1/0)
[13/14 Teams Registered]

If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you all (virtually) on October 10!
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