Southeast-Midwest Housewrite @ Mid-Atlantic, 3/6/21

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Southeast-Midwest Housewrite @ Mid-Atlantic, 3/6/21

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This is an announcement for the Mid-Atlantic collegiate site of the 2021 Southeast-Midwest Housewrite, which will take place on March 6th, 2021. This tournament will cost $70 per team, with discounts outlined below. Aidan Leahy will be directing this tournament through Discord.

Registration Information and Discounts
The registration form for this tournament can be found here.

Payment for this tournament will be exclusively over Venmo; further information concerning payment will be available upon registration. If this is an issue, mention that in the email and we can work something out.

The base entry fee is $70. The following discounts are available for teams to claim:

-$20 for a shorthanded team of 1 or 2 players
-$20 if the university has not fielded a team at a tournament since August 1, 2019

To sign up to staff for this tournament, fill out this form. Staffers will be paid $40 for 9 rounds of moderating.

The difficulty of the Southeast-Midwest Housewrite is around the level of 2018 PACE or 2019 ILLIAC; about 1.5 dots on the dot scale. The set is edited by Aidan Leahy [UGA], Govind Prabhakar [Georgetown], Arjun Nageswaran [Adlai E. Stevenson], Katherine Lei [MIT], Dylan Bowman [UIUC], Ethan Strombeck [Stanford], William Groger [Miami Valley], and Ethan Ashbrook [UMN] with featured writers from Yale, UIUC, Stanton College Prep, Lambert, and University Lab. Taylor Harvey [UF] will be acting as a general overseer. The distribution per packet is as follows:

4.00/4.00 Literature
4.00/4.00 History
4.00/4.00 Science
3.00/3.00 Fine Arts
1.00/1.00 Religious Beliefs and Traditions
1.00/1.00 Myths and Legends
0.75/0.75 Philosophy
0.75/0.75 Social Science
0.50/0.50 Current Events
0.50/0.50 Geography
0.50/0.50 Popular Culture and Other Academic

This tournament is exclusive to college teams; middle school and high school players may not play or moderate for this tournament. There will be no formal restrictions on strong players but a good rule of thumb would be “if you played ACF Winter, you can probably play this tournament.”

This tournament is restricted to teams from the following states: Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, West Virginia, Virginia, and Washington D.C.. The regions are outlined in the map below.


This tournament will not tolerate misconduct such as, but not limited to: racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, verbal harassment of players or staff, and generally inappropriate comments. A link to the misconduct form as well as the IKEA Code of Conduct, to which we’ll be adhering, will be available and visible on the server.

Cheating will not be tolerated at this tournament. Video will be required for all players; if this is not an option please let us know beforehand via email or Discord. We reserve the right to remove anyone whom we believe to be cheating from the tournament. Our protocol for dealing with cheaters can also be found on the Code of Conduct linked above.
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Re: Southeast-Midwest Housewrite @ Mid-Atlantic, 3/6/21

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Current Field (Updated 2/24)


"Andrew Wang Fan Club" (1)
William and Mary (2)
Pitt (2)
Johns Hopkins (2)
Lehigh (2)
Swarthmore (1)
Rutgers (3)
NYU (3)
Penn (2)
Gettysburg (1)
Stony Brook (1)
Geneva College (1)
Cornell (1)
James Madison (1)
Carnegie Mellon (1)

The field for this tournament is now full. However, due to the amount of interest we are working on expanding the field size so long if we can attain staffers. Alternatively, teams may be moved to the Central site if it doesn't fill up. More information to come closer to the tournament date.
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