College STASH @UBC 3/20

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College STASH @UBC 3/20


The West Coast mirror of STASH will be hosted by the University of British Columbia on discord on Saturday, March 20th, 2021.

The tournament is open to any college team that would normally play in the Mountain West, Northwest or California Regions. Chimera teams and High School teams are not permitted to play. Please sign up to play or staff here ... sp=sharing

Base Fee: $90
Staffer Discount -$15 (up to 2 for team)
Shorthanded Discount -$10 per player
Payment will be via PayPal, and will require a credit or debit card and a PayPal account. Canadian teams can also pay via eTransfer.

Cameras will be mandatory for this tournament. No exceptions to this rule will be made on the day, please contact us in advance if this will be an issue. We will use standard ACF online rules which can be found here
Max Gedajlovic
University of British Columbia
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