2021 ACF Winter at Toronto (11/06/2021)

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2021 ACF Winter at Toronto (11/06/2021)

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I am pleased to announce that the Eastern Canada site of 2021 ACF Winter will be held by the University of Toronto on Saturday, November 6, 2021.

The tournament will take place over Zoom, using buzzin live. The opening meeting will begin at 9:45 and gameplay will begin at 10:00. I (Colin Veevers) will be the tournament director. Please direct any questions about this site to me at colin DOT veevers AT gmail DOT com.

In general, teams where players are all attending the same school and all taking at least one class for credit during the 2021–2022 school year are eligible to play 2021 ACF Winter. ACF’s full eligibility rules are available here. Questions about eligibility should be directed to [email protected].

This tournament will follow ACF’s official gameplay rules. Rules specifically pertaining to online tournaments have been rendered in blue.

Fill out the central 2021 ACF Winter registration form with all relevant information. The form is here. The field for each site can be found here.

If possible, teams should register for the site that is geographically closest to them and/or is in the region they would normally attend. The field cap is 18, after which teams will be placed on a waitlist or potentially assigned to another site. Please register by November 1, 2021.
  • Base fee: $150
  • New to quizbowl discount: −$100
  • Shorthanded discount (1–2 players): −$75
  • Travel discount: −$10 per 200 miles traveled one-way {in-person only}
  • Buzzers: −$10 per functional buzzer system {in-person only}
  • Staffers: −$15 per staffer with a functional laptop. Staffers must register with ACF in advance by filling out this form.
The new to quizbowl discount is intended for schools that have not sent a team to any mainstream collegiate academic tournament (not counting exclusively novice tournaments) since September 2020, and which have no players who competed in non-novice collegiate tournaments during that same period.

All fees are in CAD.

Packet Submission
Any team with at least two people on it who played a regular, collegiate, academic quizbowl tournament* (either as a college student or high school student) prior to September 1, 2020, is required to submit a half-packet. Please email [email protected] if you are unsure whether your team is required to submit a half-packet. A team that is not required to submit a packet may submit an optional packet by the no-penalty deadline for a $50 discount.

* For these purposes, all ACF tournaments, NAQT SCT (Division I or Division II), NAQT ICT, and typical college-level academic invitationals count as regular collegiate academic tournaments. Pop culture or “hybrid” tournaments, HCASC, and tournaments played on NAQT’s Collegiate Novice series sets do not.

Here is the submission schedule:
  • September 5: −$50
  • September 24: −$25
  • October 3: no penalty
  • October 17: +$25
  • October 24: +$50
There is an additional $10/day penalty for each day after October 24th. If teams required to submit a half-packet have not submitted by October 31st, they will be dropped from the tournament, with no exceptions.

If your team is going to submit a half-packet, whether required or not, email [email protected] to request a distribution. All finished packets must be sent to that email before 11:59 Pacific time on the day listed to receive the discount or penalty. Please format the half-packet in .doc or .docx before sending it. The email subject line should list the name of the school, the team number (if applicable), and the words “half-packet.”
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Re: 2021 ACF Winter at Toronto (11/06/2021)

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Here is the logistics email that went out yesterday:


Thank you for signing up to play 2021 ACF Winter at Toronto! This is your logistics email. Please read it carefully and reach out to me as soon as possible if you have questions, if I missed something, or if anything about your registration has changed.

We have 14 teams registered. There will be two preliminary brackets of seven, then three playoff brackets of six, four, and four.

The tournament will begin at 10:00 AM ET (Toronto time) on Saturday. Please be online in both the Discord and Zoom meeting at 9:45 for opening announcements and to sort out any potential technical problems.

Tech Logistics
This tournament will use Zoom and buzzin.live for game rooms. There will also be a discord server for announcements, protests, and staff discussion. Click here to join: [REDACTED]

When you join, everyone will be required to change your server nickname to your real name and “react” to the honor pledge in the #honor-pledge channel. Once that’s done, I will give you a role that allows you to access the Zoom link. On Saturday, make sure to change your Zoom name to your real name.

Please remember to update your Zoom so that you can join your own breakout rooms. Also, make sure to check your microphone and camera prior to the tournament, as cameras are required.

Invoices for tournament fees will be sent out on Saturday. Canadian teams can e-transfer fees to [REDACTED], and we will reach out to Americans about a PayPal option.

Cheating and Tournament Conduct
By signing the honor pledge, you agree to not cheat at this tournament. Cameras are also mandatory.

Please be nice to each other. Rude or unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated, and neither will racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other kind of bigotry.

This should cover the gist of things. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, and I will be available all day during the tournament. Looking forward to it!
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