ARCADIA @ McMaster (11/20/2021)

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ARCADIA @ McMaster (11/20/2021)

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I am pleased to announce that McMaster University will be hosting the Canadian circuit mirror of ARCADIA online on November 20, 2021. I, Adrian Wong, will be the tournament director. I may be reached by email at [email protected].

This mirror will be held online using Zoom and, and will be supported by a Discord server through which all announcements will be posted. The opening meeting will take place at 9:45 am EST, and gameplay will begin at 10:00 am EST. We are hoping for gameplay to end at around 7:00 pm EST, after which a closing meeting will take place, followed by finals if needed.

This tournament is open to all collegiate teams, although preference will be given to teams currently belonging to the Canadian circuit. Please note that the field size is capped to 8 teams. If you are interested in sending a team to this mirror, please fill out this Google Form. Registration will close on Wednesday, November 17, 2021, at 11:59 pm EST.

Fees and Payments:
  • CA$120 baseline fee per team
  • -CA$15 discount for each moderator provided by a team (must have a functioning computer and internet connection)
  • -CA$20 discount per team from schools that are new to quizbowl (schools that did not play a regular-difficulty quizbowl tournament before September 1, 2020)
All Canadian teams will, by default, pay by e-transfer. Instructions for e-transfer will be given out following the tournament. If you are not from a Canadian school or wish to pay via an alternative method, please indicate your preferred mode of payment in the Google Form above.

Code of Conduct:
McMaster is dedicated to ensuring a fair and respectful playing environment for all tournament participants. Consequently, all players and staff at this tournament must abide by the 2021 WORKSHOP Code of Conduct.

Set Information:
More information about the ARCADIA set can be found here.
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Re: ARCADIA @ McMaster (11/20/2021)

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Thanks for playing ARCADIA! If you'd like to discuss the questions, there's a discussion forum that you can request to join from the Usergroups tab of the User Control Panel. There's also a Discord discussion server (once you join, you'll need to post in #verification to get access to discussion channels):
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