ARCADIA at Imperial (12/11/2021)

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ARCADIA at Imperial (12/11/2021)

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I am pleased to announce that the UK site of 2021 ARCADIA will be held at Imperial on Saturday, December 11 2021.

The tournament will take place virtually on Zoom. The opening meeting will begin at 9am GMT and gameplay will begin at 9.15am GMT. I (Conor McMeel) will be the tournament director. Please direct any questions about this site to me at cwm116 at

The tournament will follow ACF’s eligibility rules. Email me if you are unsure about your eligibility.

This tournament will follow ACF’s gameplay rules. Please note that ACF’s rules have been modified for online gameplay. Note also that there will be powers.

In addition, Imperial want to foster an environment of inclusivity and so will be expecting all players to follow the 2021 WORKSHOP Code of conduct.

To register, please sign up on this google form. The tournament has a preliminary field cap of 16.


Base fee: £75
Shorthanded discount (1–2 players): −£35
Staffers: −£15 per staffer with a functional laptop. Please sign up staffers to this form.

Payment will be taken after the tournament via a product on the Imperial Union shop page. A link will be provided to all teams after the tournament.

Again, please direct all questions to cwm116 at Thank you!
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