Call for 2020 CO Editors

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Call for 2020 CO Editors

Post by DumbJaques »

Hi all - in the time-honored tradition of people being in charge of things by inertial default, Jacob Reed and I invite anyone interested in editing Chicago Open next year to drop us a line at the editors' email ([email protected]). Please do so even (especially!) if you casually mentioned something to one of us like 3 months ago, etc. Thanks!
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Re: Call for 2020 CO Editors

Post by Auroni »

I find another "time-honored tradition," that of forming teams for Chicago Open for a given year as soon as (or some cases, even before!) the previous year's tournament has concluded, to be pretty aggravating considering the limited, often burnt out pool of people who could conceivably have the skill or desire or fortitude to edit this tiger of a tournament. Moving forward, let's have a community discussion to see who's available to edit CO before people giddily start forming teams.
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Re: Call for 2020 CO Editors

Post by vinteuil »

I’m not sure if this point has been mooted publicly, but I remember Auroni bringing up the (excellent) idea that players with current collegiate eligibility should, generally, edit CO—that helps mitigate burnout among the relatively limited pool of writers who can edit Nats and ICT.

Honestly, I’d be happy to edit CO again if literally nobody expresses interest in doing so. I can’t imagine that that would be everybody’s preference, so I very much hope that others step up.
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Re: Call for 2020 CO Editors

Post by naan/steak-holding toll »

I'll admit to being one of those people who formed a team early, and I'll admit to this not being a productive decision, to take people out of the pool so early. Since the other major event over CO weekend this year is one I'm not interested in playing, I'd be fine not going to CO. I'm very burned out but I'm willing to edit CO given the right team.
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