ACF Constitutional Changes and New Members

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ACF Constitutional Changes and New Members

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Hi all,

ACF is very excited to announce that Katherine Lei, Caroline Mao, Ben Miller, and Tracy Mirkin have become provisional members. They all did a great job on ACF Fall 2019 and we're thrilled to have them aboard for future projects.

We've also updated article 3.8 of the ACF constitution, regarding requirements for ACF provisional membership. ACF voted to modify these requirements so that we reserve the right to vote in provisional members who have edited less than the normally required 2/2 requirement for an ACF tournament. The new text of article 3.8 is below, with the newly-added portion in bold:
For the purposes of all Article 3 requirements, “satisfactorily” editing a tournament requires editing and/or writing a number of questions equal to at least two tossups and two bonuses per packet of an ACF tournament to the satisfaction of that tournament’s head editor. If a candidate edits and/or writes a smaller amount of questions, their work may still be considered "satisfactory" at the discretion of the the ACF membership, to be determined when a membership vote is taken.
This change was not effective for our most recent vote on provisional members, but will be effective moving forward.
Matt Bollinger
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