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Editors seeking writers or editors, post here

Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 11:57 am
by vinteuil
John Lawrence wrote:In terms of interested parties joining tournament-writing teams, the main problem with the thread for that was that it consisted mainly of posts from isolated individuals saying "I want to write X," and hoping that some editor would read their post and take them up on this. Matchmaking is much easier if it flows in the other direction. If editors are open to mentoring a couple of younger writers, they can post in their tournament announcement something like "open for writers to apply for categories X, Y, and Z." Encouraging editors to make this more of a norm would be a good pipeline for younger writers.
I've got together a (stellar!) team of writers/editors for "PIANO," what I'm hoping will be next year's Spring open (Nationals-difficulty), but I'd love to have a few more literature writers (this doesn't mean that I wouldn't let you write/edit in other categories!). Message me if you're interested and are planning to be enrolled next year!