Triton Novice Tournament @ UCSD: [10/12/13]

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Triton Novice Tournament @ UCSD: [10/12/13]

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The UCSD quizbowl team will host our fourth annual Triton Novice Tournament, to be held at UCSD on Saturday, October 12th, 2013.

This novice tournament is an excellent way for new players and teams to get introduced to quizbowl, since the questions are geared specifically for newer players and eligibility is restricted to less-experienced teams.

Eligibility Restrictions:
All 9th and 10th graders from any school who have not qualified to play at a national quizbowl tournament (NAQT, PACE, etc). Email us if you have any questions about a player's eligibility. The purpose of this tournament is for novice and JV players to gain experience; all players are welcome at our upcoming Triton Fall tournament.

Fees and Discounts:
$60 per team (teams consist of up to 6 players, with any 4 playing at one time)
-$30 for the first team from a school that has never played a quizbowl tournament before
-$10 per competent moderator provided
-$5 for each functional buzzer set provided

More logistical information will be provided closer to the date of the tournament to teams that are registered. To register, email us at [email protected] telling us how many teams you expect to bring and any buzzers or moderators that you can provide.

We hope to see you in October!
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Re: Triton Novice Tournament @ UCSD: [10/12/13]

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What is the field looking like?

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