HSNCT 2010 Difficulty - Is my team crazy?

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HSNCT 2010 Difficulty - Is my team crazy?

Post by quizbowllee »

So, in preparing for HSNCT, I have been going over old HSNCT packets in practice with my team. Going over 2012 or 2013 questions, they will average a somewhat-respectable 350-400 points per 20 tossups heard.

Then I started reading packets from 2010 HSNCT. Suddenly, scores were more like 130-45 when splitting my A-team up. Even with the full A-team playing against a B/C team combo, scores were around 175-10 or so. Was that set noticeably more difficult, or is this some anomaly my team is having? They did better on ICT Div. II questions than on the 2010 HSNCT set.

Interestingly, 2010 was the only HSNCT since 2005 that I didn't attend....
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Re: HSNCT 2010 Difficulty - Is my team crazy?

Post by naesorman555 »

We had similar numbers pairing our A and B teams against each other on timed rounds, we usually got through 18-20 questions
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Re: HSNCT 2010 Difficulty - Is my team crazy?

Post by Adventure Temple Trail »

Is any of this effect resulting from older current events and trash being less notable with time?
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Re: HSNCT 2010 Difficulty - Is my team crazy?

Post by Northern Central Railway »

Jeff Hoppes in the 2013 HSNCT conversion stats thread wrote: Overall: 85.1% of tossups answered correctly, 23.8% powered.

(2012: 84.1% correct, 25.7% powered

2011: 82.3% correct, 20.6% powered

2010: 78.5% correct, 15.7% powered

2009: 73.3% correct, 14.9% powered)
You're not crazy.
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Re: HSNCT 2010 Difficulty - Is my team crazy?

Post by Kyle »

Northern Central Railway wrote:You're not crazy.
Well, he still might be crazy if his team is doing better on 2009 than 2010.
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Re: HSNCT 2010 Difficulty - Is my team crazy?

Post by Sniper, No Sniping! »

I have our team's copy of HSNCT 2010 from when they went there in my possession. Just by relooking over some questions, a few sound goofy today, like Hugo from the TV show Lost, Cornwall, the percent sign, Akron, while others seem hard (Cleisthenes, Phillip Sidney). It seems like the hard parts of bonus are a lot harder too.
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