2017 ACF Regionals at MIT (2/18/17)

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2017 ACF Regionals at MIT (2/18/17)

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MIT will be hosting the Northeast site of ACF Regionals on Saturday, February 18, 2017. This is a closed, regular-difficulty college tournament that is open only to teams comprising players from a single institution. Teams must be comprised of players who meet the eligibility requirements described in the ACF rules here; in particular, this means high school teams and open teams are not eligible to participate. More information about the set can be found in the global announcement here.

LOCATION AND SCHEDULE: The tournament will take place on MIT's campus in Cambridge, MA. Teams should report to room 6-120 (located on the first floor of Building 6) in the morning for registration and opening announcements. We ask that teams arrive between 8:15 and 8:45 in the morning for registration; we'd like to get started as close to 9 as possible. A map of MIT's campus can be found here.

GETTING TO MIT: MIT is easily accessible via the Boston T system by taking the Red Line to the Kendall/MIT stop. If driving, please note that parking is very difficult to find on the MIT campus. A list of parking locations on campus can be found here.

+$135: each team
-$5: each buzzer set provided. In order to receive this discount, the buzzer system must be fully functional.
-$10: each volunteer staffer provided.
-$75: shorthanded teams (one or two players)
-$100: new to quizbowl discount. Institutions claiming this discount must not have sent any teams to a regular collegiate academic tournament since September 2015, nor can any of the players on said teams have participated in such a tournament for another school. Exclusively novice tournaments do not count towards this rule.
+/-: any applicable packet discounts or penalties (see below).

PACKET SUBMISSION (adopted from global announcement): Any team with at least one person on it who played a regular, collegiate, academic quizbowl tournament* (either as a college student or as a high school student) prior to September 1, 2015 is required to submit a packet.

* For these purposes, all ACF tournaments, NAQT Division I or Division II SCT, NAQT ICT, and typical academic invitationals and summer opens count as regular collegiate academic tournaments. Trash or “hybrid” tournaments, College Bowl/HCASC, and tournaments played on NAQT's Collegiate Novice series sets do not.

The submission schedule for this tournament is:
December 11th, 2016: -$50
December 28th, 2016: -$25
January 8th, 2017: No penalty
January 22nd, 2017: +$25
February 5th, 2017: +$50
After that, +$10 for each additional day that you're late.
After February 12th, you will be dropped from the tournament, with no exceptions.

Please submit your packet to [email protected]. The actual e-mail with the attached packet should have a subject-line reading: School + Team Letter (if applicable) PACKET." In order to meet a deadline, you must submit your packet before 11:59pm Pacific Time on that date. Packets should be submitted in Microsoft Word .doc or .docx format.

Distribution and formatting requirements can be found in the global announcement here.

PAYMENT: Teams will be billed by ACF and should remit payment to ACF directly.

REGISTRATION: The initial cap is 18 teams and is subject to change based on staff availability. The only official means of registration is by filling out this form. Please fill it out once for each team you intend to register.

Questions about packets should be directed to the editors at [email protected]. Please contact bhwang [AT] mit [DOT] edu if you have any questions or concerns about tournament logistics.
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Re: 2017 ACF Regionals at MIT (2/18/17)

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Field update (22 teams)
Amherst A
Amherst B
Columbia A
Columbia B
Columbia C
Cornell A
Cornell B
Harvard A
Harvard B
Harvard C
Harvard D
Rutgers A
Rutgers B
Yale A
Yale B
Yale C
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Re: 2017 ACF Regionals at MIT (2/18/17)

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First off, a big thank you to everyone who came out to both play and staff yesterday.

Congratulations to our
Overall winner: Columbia A
UG winner: Harvard A
D2 winner: Harvard B

The finals stats can be found here:
http://www.hsquizbowl.org/db/tournament ... /combined/

Apologies again for the logistical hiccup in the morning - I hope everyone had fun though and hope to see y'all at a tournament here again!
Bryce Hwang