Set Collaboration Thread-2019-2020 Season

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Set Collaboration Thread-2019-2020 Season

Post by 1992 in spaceflight »

Hello everyone,

I figured now would be a good time to post a thread for collaborating on writing sets for the upcoming year. If you would be interested in collaborating with a team or are an existing set who would like to have some more writers, now would be a good time to post looking for assistance.

(On that note: Due to WHAQ IV not being available, David Dennis and myself are interested in being on the editing team for a set to run at Washington's tournament in December.)

Let's get to collaborating and figuring out plans for high school housewrites, quizbowl!
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Re: Set Collaboration Thread-2019-2020 Season

Post by ganman0305 »

Hello! I don't know a good place to do this, but I wanted to express that I would be interested in writing for any packet sets this year. I wrote for WHAQ III last year and I went through the PACE mentorship program in writing. I would love to be involved in any way, thanks!
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Re: Set Collaboration Thread-2019-2020 Season

Post by alexdz »

SAGES has been asked to bid for a JV/novice set to be used for a Missouri conference, but the set would then also be available for many other events (as Missouri format is pretty close to national format now, with a few relatively easy tweaks to the distribution).

Supposing this bid is accepted, I'd need additional writers in order to complete such a set, particularly writers who feel comfortable writing JV/novice literature, religion/myth, bio/chem, and fine arts.

SAGES continues to write pyramidal sets for the elementary and middle school levels as well, including in the IESA format. I'm willing to bring on extra writers to complete this as well.
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Re: Set Collaboration Thread-2019-2020 Season

Post by trbenedict »

Miami Valley (Dayton, OH) will be working to produce a HS Regular set for next November in collaboration with players from Adlai E. Stevenson (Lincolnshire, IL) and Uni Lab (Urbana, IL), as well as some other recently-graduated quizbowlers. I will be helping to oversee set production. We are seeking additional writers as well as knowledgeable subject-area editors, so please contact me, John John Groger, or Arjun Nageswaran if you are interested.
Tyler Benedict
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Re: Set Collaboration Thread-2019-2020 Season

Post by Ciorwrong »

I don't think I will time in the fall to work on any high school sets but one thing I would encourage high school writers to take advantage of is playtesting with college players. I and other college/open people would be happy to playtest questions if we have the time. I think WHAQ III did this very well back in the fall. Additionally, playtesting also works to encourage writers to have their questions done early.
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Re: Set Collaboration Thread-2019-2020 Season

Post by hcube »

Depending on my schedule, I'd be happy to contribute a few questions (preferably math, maybe physics/chemistry) to sets.
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Re: Set Collaboration Thread-2019-2020 Season

Post by eygotem »

The Ladue quizbowl team is planning to produce a HS regular difficulty set for next spring, as long as we can get enough knowledgeable writers and editors to help us. If anyone isn't too busy already with other sets, we would greatly appreciate your help, so please contact me if you are interested.
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Re: Set Collaboration Thread-2019-2020 Season

Post by A_Failure »

Hi everyone,

A group of us are looking for experienced editors (especially a science and head editor) to help out with a regular-difficulty tournament for the fall. Please PM myself, Jason Lewis, or Jamie Faeder either here or on Discord (our tags are A_Failure#1531, amine#5968, or neilbreen#7214, respectively) if you are interested.
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Re: Set Collaboration Thread-2019-2020 Season

Post by Hypersmart »

HI am am also available as a writer. I graduated HS in June and have been playing QB for 4 years. I've written several questions independently.
Veer Bhatt

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