THAT (Trash Hybrid Academic Tournament) - FREE!!!

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THAT (Trash Hybrid Academic Tournament) - FREE!!!

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Hello everyone! We (Alan, Aeres, Vedul, etc.) are pleased to announce THAT-Trash Hybrid Academic Tournament (HS Open). We intend to have the event be formatted in a similar nature to MOST to allow for flexible schedules in this packet-submit event. Each round will consist of 20 HS Regs to Regs+ tossups only, following this distribution:
3 Hist
3 Sci
3 Lit
2 FA
1 Geo
1 CE
1 Sports
1 Music
1 Video Games
1 Internet
1 Movie/TV
We wanted to have some variety in this event, therefore we decided to add more trash content. Registration ends June 30th, and packets are due July 14th. Another important thing is that we plan on chipping in 15 cents (subject to go up) for every power made during this tournament to Black Lives Matter. The event is free-of-charge, however if you'd like to give some to us to help make it easier for us to attain this, venmo @jareddong. (The 15 cent pledge is out of pocket by the TDs of this event).
Direct any questions to vedul dot palavajjhala at kinkaid dot org or vedul#2578 on discord
If you'd like to donate directly to regional orgs: ... A140U/edit
Register to play or edit/mod here: ... sp=sharing
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Re: THAT (Trash Hybrid Academic Tournament) - FREE!!!

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Who is the "etc." in your post?
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