2020-21 IAC Varsity/JV Online League Events [REGISTRATION OPEN]

Announcements, results, and discussion for single subject events including but not limited to National History Bee and Bowl, the US Geography Championships, and Science Bowl. DO NOT discuss specific question content from any sets that have not been announced as clear.
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2020-21 IAC Varsity/JV Online League Events [REGISTRATION OPEN]

Post by Arthur.Ramsay »

International Academic Competitions is excited to announce that this year’s C Set, B Set, and A Set tournaments will take place in the form of online Leagues. There will be Team vs. Team Leagues (using a slightly modified NHBB Bowl Format), Team vs. Packet Leagues (where teams play against the questions), and Bee Leagues (for individual play).

Team vs. Team Leagues
Each league will last five weeks and will start in October, January, and February, respectively. Teams will play on Tuesday evenings or Saturday afternoons and have five guaranteed prelim matches and one guaranteed playoff match. These online events will qualify for the National History Bowl, and top teams will get awards mailed to them.

Team vs. Team League registrations will cost $100 per team, with the opportunity for a $36 discount for teams that provide moderators (who would read for other teams, not their own, and are subject to IAC’s discretion and approval). There will be an additional 5% discount for teams that sign up to play in all three leagues this academic year as part of the “Year of Play Bundle”.
Information and registration can be found here: https://www.historybowl.com/register/fallbowl/

Team vs. Packet League
Team vs. Packet rounds will be played using C Set level questions, with teams participating against modified question sets, to be read and scored by their team coach(es). These rounds will be tossup only, all will be power-marked in 30-20-10 format, and consist of thirty questions each.

There will be six weeks of matches in total. By the end of each week, results will be posted online, allowing teams to compare their scores with other teams across the country. Team vs. Packet League registrations will cost $50 per team.
Information and registration can be found here: https://www.historybowl.com/register/fallbowl/

Online Bee Leagues
Fall, Winter, and Spring Bowl Leagues will be accompanied by rotating Bee Leagues. For the Fall Season these will include World History, US History, and International Geography. Matches will take place on weekday evenings at 7:00pm or 8:00pm Eastern Time (depending on the league). There will be three guaranteed preliminary rounds with the highest scoring students advancing to a semi-final (if needed) and then a final. Bee League registrations will cost $30 per student per event.
Information and registration can be found here: https://www.historybowl.com/register/fallbee/

Please contact us with any questions at [email protected].
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Re: 2020-21 IAC Varsity/JV Online League Events [REGISTRATION OPEN]

Post by nick. »

I would like to comment on the mess that was the first night of the Tuesday IAC C Set League. As someone who has been actively playing NHBB and IAC events for the past 3 years, and genuinely enjoys playing History Bowl and the assorted events, I have to say I am deeply disappointed with how tonight's leagues were handled. The Northeast League had its zoom start late and had matches outright canceled after students were left in the lobby for 20 solid minutes with no indication of what was going on, to be replaced by an extended opening meeting that easily could have been sent in an email before the event. As well, teams were given no schedule and had no idea who they would be playing and how they would be playing at all. Even for the leagues that ran, there were 30+ minute delays in even getting the zoom started, and communication was scant throughout. Even worse, from a player's perspective, it seemed like Marshall and Emilio were in charge of coordinating every region all within a 3-hour span, which should not have occurred whatsoever. It is clear that many of these issues could have been mitigated if IAC and NHBB were clear in their communication and had properly delegated the running of tournaments to multiple individuals as is the norm for large online events. Shoddily run events like these will hurt the growth of both History Bowl in general but will also leave a negative stain on the Quiz Bowl community as a whole for many schools. I wish the best for IAC and NHBB and hope they can run good online events in the future, but if International Academic Competitions wants to be a serious force in the online academic competition world, they must address these issues with effective communications, technology, and tournament coordination.
Nick Pruitt

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Re: 2020-21 IAC Varsity/JV Online League Events [REGISTRATION OPEN]

Post by Subotai the Valiant, Final Dog of War »

After hearing about another night of delays and cancelled events, I would suggest running future events with an individual Zoom link for each room/game rather than using a single large Zoom room with breakout rooms. This would both speed up rounds starting and substantially decrease burden on the TD's, who definitely have many more important things to be doing.

There is currently a large gathering of people making suggestions for mitigating future delays in the unofficial NHBB Discord, and there is broad agreement that this would result in a smoother experience for everyone involved: players, moderators, and TDs.
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