Call for Collaborators: SERAPIS, 2023 Side Event

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Call for Collaborators: SERAPIS, 2023 Side Event

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Hi all,

I'm looking for writers to help produce a Classics side event to be played, hopefully, in Fall 2023. Provisionally called SERAPIS, it will focus on the relationship between the Greco-Roman world and its neighbors, its resident minorities, and its heirs. Half the questions will be more familiar questions on classical literature, history, philosophy, religion, etc., with a decided bent towards their relationship to the classical world's various "others." The other half will fully consist of questions on classical reception, primarily modern and/or non-Western. The questions on reception will, naturally, include a pop culture category.

The idea for this tournament is essentially "a classics side event as Mary Beard would write one." Given the subject matter, it will naturally be pitched towards an open audience. But I'm hopeful that the broader variety of questions will also appeal to a wider range of players, so it will be a point of emphasis to keep as many questions as possible grounded in familiar answerlines. If this is a project you'd be interested in collaborating on, please DM me or email me at mlybollinger at
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Re: Call for Collaborators: SERAPIS, 2023 Side Event

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Have sent you a PM
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