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JAVA 2022: JAVASCRIPT (JAVA Sequel Containing Really Interesting Pretty Things)

This is an announcement for JAVA 2022, an online visual arts and trash tournament which will be run sometime in May 2022, probably on Discord.

The distribution will be very similar to JAVA 2021:

5 "whimsical commonlinks": Answerlines at the common-knowledge level, but with extremely varied sources from mostly art, a little trash. Many of these are "description acceptable."
4 "mainstream art": Mostly commonlinks, but more normal than the last section. Slightly outre answerlines that could probably be tossed up at ACF Regionals, certainly at ACF Nationals, without too much aggravation.
3 "hard artists": Artists I want to include in tournaments but could never include at regular difficulty. Nats - CO plus.
3 "vicarious tourism": Cool places to visit. Common knowledge by the end.
5 "secretly not art at all": Pretending to be art, but may actually be: trash, literature, history, archaeology, or science. (Or things that could be the subject of long and contentious debate whether they're art or one of the above). Trash here mostly means sci-fi movies or TV.

Disclaimer: this is a vanity tournament, and is very whimsical and niche. See JAVA 2021, which featured tossups on Bob Ross, Rachel Talalay, and "big fish eating little fish" as a van der Heyden and Phantom Menace mashup. You know what you are signing up for.

The vast majority of the art is 20th century Western art (probably 1-2 non-Western, 2-3 non-20th-century art per packet). Painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, film, and fashion all make an appearance in art subgenres.

More details to come as I actually write the thing.
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