ACF 2023-24 Officers and Membership Status Changes

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ACF 2023-24 Officers and Membership Status Changes

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ACF would like to announce its officers for the 2023-24 season, as well as 2023 membership status changes.

2023-24 Officers

The following people have been elected officers of ACF for the 2023-24 season:
  • President: Ganon Evans
  • Communications Officer: Jordan Davidsen
  • Editor-in-Chief: Matthew Bollinger
  • Nationals TD: Michael Kearney
  • Webmaster: Caroline Mao
  • Site Coordinator: Tomás Aguilar-Fraga
  • Treasurer: John Nienajadlo
We look forward to the upcoming year, and thank the departing officers for their service.

Set Editors

We have also selected the following head editors for this year:
  • ACF Fall Head Editor: Sean Farrell
  • ACF Winter Head Editor: Ethan Ashbrook
  • ACF Regionals Head Editor: Eve Fleisig
  • ACF Nationals Head Editor: Nick Jensen

Membership status changes

*Note: these changes include both the 2023 mid-season and post-Nationals membership status changes.

Zac Bennett, Jordan Davidsen, William Golden, Hasna Karim, John Nienajadlo, Grant Peet, Jonathen Settle, and Harry White have become Full members of ACF. Will Nediger and Adam Silverman have returned to Full membership in ACF.

Tomás Aguilar-Fraga, Sameer Apte, Allan Lee, Kevin Park, and Ryan Ritter have become Provisional members of ACF.

Billy Busse, Andrew Feist, and Evan Lynch have become emeritus members of ACF.

Mia McGill has resigned from ACF.

We look forward to this season!
ACF Communications (Jordan Davidsen)
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