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Just curious. What are all of your team records (if you keep track of that sort of thing)?

Savannah: 92-3
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Decatur MacArthur: 84-12
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Solon: 84-10
Noah Rahman
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Overall: 82-17
Ohio only: 63-9
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Garfield Heights: 65-12
Ohio only: 63-10
Ohio only not named Copley: 62-5
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Alabama School of Fine Arts: 55-13
David John Gagne,
University of Oklahoma
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Brindlee Mountain: 123-25
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Notre Dame Cape Girardeau: 45-3 (not sure on the win total exactly but I know it's three losses ..... take into account that we play a lot of really easy teams)

David, I looked at the MSHSAA book thingy and it looks like we get to play you in the morning at state assuming we both make it ..... JOY :neutral: . I think the goal will be to do better against you guys than last year ... .I think we're in the record books for biggest loss :P.