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After I finish my share of my team's CO History packet in a few days, I will be going on "sabbatical" from question writing for most of the 2015-16 competition year. What this means is that I will not be committing up-front to writing any questions for any organization or set, or to any editing team responsibilities. Additionally, I will need to decline any requests to "bail out" or "help finish" sets next year.

The reason for this is that I have been seriously writing, editing, and organizing tournament sets more or less without pause for the past seven years (since about June 2008), and after doing an unexpectedly massive amount over the past competition year (counting each component of NHBB Nationals weekend separately: 1,302 questions across 18 tournament sets, and editing/oversight duties for 8 of those) I feel an acute need to take several steps back. It seems like it'll be better for all involved if I take some time to recharge my metaphorical batteries and let question writing become fun again, rather than risk burning out more permanently or dramatically.

I have every reason to believe that there will still be plenty of people around to ensure that enough sets get written for the middle school, high school, and collegiate competition years. I'll still be around the community, and may well feel up for pitching in some questions earlier than expected next spring, say, to ICT. Thanks, all, for understanding and being generally great.
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