NAQT player and team highlights

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NAQT player and team highlights

Post by Important Bird Area » Wed Jan 04, 2017 4:30 pm wrote:In 2017 NAQT will be publicly congratulating impressive middle school and high school teams each week.

Each Wednesday, we will review the tournaments that occurred the previous week and have sent in their results. We will choose one middle school player, one high school player, one middle school team, and one high school team whose performance is particularly meritous. We will announce the winners on our home page and our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter), and we will contact the players’/teams’ schools and local media outlets.

Selection will be based on a variety of factors at NAQT’s discretion. The goal is not strictly to honor the absolute best team or player; we might also congratulate teams that win their first tournaments or otherwise do particularly well for a new team, players who score many points without ever earning an interrupt penalty, etc. We generally do not expect to honor the same player or school repeatedly within a year. We may skip weeks on which few or no tournaments occurred.
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