Kentucky QBA Fall Mixed Team - November 24 @ Atherton HS (Louisville)

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Kentucky QBA Fall Mixed Team - November 24 @ Atherton HS (Louisville)

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The Kentucky Quizbowl Alliance is pleased to announce our 2019 Fall Mixed Team event!

When and Where: Sunday, November 24 @ Atherton HS (the Sunday after the Class Act HS tournament, at the same place) || Registration @ 8am, with play beginning between 8:30am and 9:00am. We anticipate being done no later than 4pm, to allow everyone plenty of travel time to get home.
Set: Early Fall Tournament (EFT) --
Fees: $30 per player

This event is intended to be similar in format to our mixed-team event from last year. Students who come to play at this event will be grouped into teams by the event organizers, based on their declared subject area specialties. These teams will likely change at least once over the course of the day.

This is the first event that is part of KQBA's tryout series for this year's Kentucky NASAT team. However, we invite any interested players who are willing to take on a tougher-than-usual set to come out and play at this event, even if they are not interested in playing at NASAT next summer. We want this to be an opportunity for players to get some experience playing *alongside* people they may normally play *against*, in a fairly relaxed, fun setting.

We will aim for the event to last about 10 rounds, as we are aware that some people may have some fairly long drives ahead of them on Sunday afternoon.

All checks for registration fees should be made out to "Kentucky Quizbowl Alliance." Please note that each individual registered *player* is responsible for this fee; unless specifically requested by the team's coach, we will *not* be billing/invoicing teams for registration.

To register for this event, please fill out the Google Form at:

If you have any questions, please email Jason Thompson at jason.thompson (at) naqt (dot) com . We hope to see a lot of players out for a fun day of quiz bowl!
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