NAQT SCT West Results

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NAQT SCT West Results

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In brief,

UCLA beat Stanford straight up in a quintuple round robin to take the DI championship, and Stanford beat Caltech for DII in a tiebreaker playoff round after both teams went 11-1 in a double round robin with a 1-1 record against each other.
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Yesterday, NAQT SCT West was held at UC Berkeley.
Division 1 consisted of 4 teams, UCI, USC, UCLA, and Stanford. They played a quintuple round robin. Since UCLA and Stanford were tied at 11-3 going into the final round, it was decided that the winner of that round would be the D1 champion, and UCLA defeated Stanford 470-185.
Division 2 consisted of 7 teams that played a double round-robin, ending in a tie at 11-1 between the top two teams, Stanford A and Caltech. Stanford A won the one-round final, 390-350.
Top 5 individuals from D1 were Charles Meigs from UCLA (99.67 ppg), Eric Smith from Stanford (99 ppg), Yogesh Raut from USC (65.67 ppg), Ray Anderson from UCI (49.67 ppg), and Dwight Wynne from UCLA (43.33 ppg). and the top 5 individuals from D2 (based on round robin stats) were Noah Rahman from Caltech (92.08 ppg), Frank Guan from Stanford A (48.75 ppg), Mik Larsen from USC (47.5 ppg), Nico Martinez from Stanford A (44.17 ppg), and Kevin Koai from Stanford A (42.5 ppg).

Full results will be posted online later.

Thanks to Paul Lujan, Juliana Froggatt, Matt Bruce, Nick Meyer, Jeff Hoppes, Chris Nguyen, Brendan Shapiro, Erin Korber, Peter McCorquodale, and Andrew Lim for staffing the tournament, Gina Braden and Chris Nguyen for donating prizes, and thanks again to Paul for printing everything, bringing food, and generally being helpful with my first tournament as director.

I hope everyone had a great time, if you have any questions, feedback, etc, be sure to let me know!
Larry Wang, UC Berkeley
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Full statistics are now available. They are linked to from here: ... ml#results

Or if you prefer direct links:

Division 1
Division 2 (not including final)
Division 2 (including final)
Paul Lujan (UC-Berkeley)