Pop Culture Events at Qblitz

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Pop Culture Events at Qblitz

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Qblitz is excited to be hosting two pop culture events in November:
  • Pop Culture Open on Sunday, November 1
  • Pop Culture Championship on Sunday, November 15
The questions for both of these tournaments are being produced by Matt Weiner and promise to be of very high quality. The first of these tournaments is intended to be appropriate for newer players, while the Championship will feature harder questions. However, both events are open to all players regardless of age and grade level.

Like all Community Open events at Qblitz, these events are asynchronous and individual -- players can play from their home computer at a time convenient to them. All matches are simulated after the fact to determine the tournament champion.

And like all Qblitz events, in addition to playing the event, participants get access to statistical reports and analysis after the tournament concludes.

Players can register at the Qblitz Events page.
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Re: Pop Culture Events at Qblitz

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There is a chance that November 15 will be when Acro-Demia, another trash event will take place. Does the asynchronous nature of the tournament mean it is simply just available on November 15 or must everyone finish the event on that day?
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