Prisonbowl Open Academic Summer Tournament (POAST) - July 9th - Online

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Prisonbowl Open Academic Summer Tournament (POAST) - July 9th - Online

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We (Sophia Pan, Yash Mandavia and Kushal Aluru) are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting POAST on Saturday, July 9th, 2022. This tournament will be on Discord. It is an open tournament with no region restrictions, and can include teams consisting of players from any school. All players must be either in the graduating class of 2022 (outgoing seniors) or younger (e.g. in high school, entering hs or in middle school)

Set Used
We will be mirroring Prison Bowl XIV, a regular-difficulty+ high school set written and edited by the Hunter College High School Quiz Bowl team.

This tournament will be held online on discord. There will be a brief opening meeting at 8:45 AM EDT, and the first round will start at 9:00 AM EDT. The tournament is expected to end at 6:00 PM EDT.

Tournament games will follow standard ACF rules consisting of untimed rounds of 20 tossups and 20 three-part 30-point bonuses. There will be 15-point powers and -5-point negs will apply, though there will be no double negs. There will be no bonus bouncebacks.

The tournament will consist of bracketed round robin prelims and re-bracketed round robin playoffs; the exact format will be decided after the field size is determined.

To register for the tournament, sign up on this spreadsheet
Do not edit any other team’s information. We have access to editing history and reserve the right to remove teams and charge the cancellation fee to those who do this. If you accidentally edit another team’s information, immediately change it back.
We will email you with confirmation once we receive your sign-up. The due date to drop teams will be July 1st. After this, there will be a $30 cancellation fee. The soft field cap for this tournament is 24 teams, but we will expand the field as necessary.
Applications about rosters will be sent out later.

We will be paying staffers $35 for the tournament. If you are interested in staffing, fill out this form.

$80 per team
Further discounts can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.
We prefer payment through Venmo.

For further information, email the tournament directors [email protected], [email protected], and/or [email protected].
Sophia Pan
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Re: Prisonbowl Open Academic Summer Tournament (POAST) - July 9th - Online

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The spreadsheet will now be collecting responses, please remember to not edit other teams' registrations.
Kushal Aluru
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