ACF Fall 2006

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ACF Fall 2006

Post by Mr. Kwalter » Tue Apr 04, 2006 1:50 am

This is the announcement for ACF Fall 2006. ACF Fall will be held on the weekend of Saturday, November 4, 2006. Hosts have the option to run the tournament on Sunday, November 5 instead of Saturday if football, other tournaments, or other conflicts make doing so preferable. Date announcements from each host will follow once host bids are awarded.

On that note, please mail Eric Kwartler at ekwartler at gmail dot com if you are interested in hosting. As always, we are looking for hosts in every region of the United States and Canada where active quizbowl teams exist. Please get your host bids in by April 30 so that we may announce the hosting lineup before the end of the spring semester.


ACF Fall is designed to be a very accessible tournament and an enjoyable introduction to the game for newer players. To help meet this goal, packet writers should keep question difficulty low and question quality high. An ideal packet in terms of question difficulty, question structure, and formatting may be found at . Consult this packet for all your questions about formatting, and feel free to contact Eric Kwartler if any of your questions remain unanswered. For question structure: note the dense, specific, helpful clues packed into each question, the structuring of each bonus to give 10 points to most teams, 20 to many, and 30 to the best, and the selection of widely known tossup answers with many interesting and useful clues available. For this tournament, always err on the side of easier if you are unsure about the difficulty of a particular question.

You may also find it useful to review Subash Maddipotti’s Ten Tips For Question Writing located here: as well as examine packets from previous ACF Fall tournaments, freely available on the ACF site, for examples of the question style we wish to see.

Keep in mind two important points: As noted in the above document, you should omit useless information such as “His intermittent surrealist depictions and use of vivid color belied the realism and monochromatic pigments that the public associated with him.â€